Mandarin conversation over a phone call

Dear all,

In the topic learning in May, in addition to completing a Chinese Mother’s day card, regarding the oral enforcement, after practicing in class, each student is required to practice the sentences and to demo the improvement they have learned through a conversation over a phone call to their moms.


The secret project “Calling to mom” has started today in some classes. The students used the teacher’s cell phone to call out and to talk to their mom in Mandarin. Those who has not any Chinese heritage background are allowed to speak some introduction in English before the conversation. There are a lot of beautiful and touching moments with surprise that the class and I had witnessed, and those means so much for the students. On one hand, they felt proud of themselves to speak in Mandarin over the phone; on the other hand, this class activity demonstrates not only they understand the content of the conversation, but they also comprehend the response from the other end. Please give the students a thumb up because they did a nice job. They all achieved in a great success. However, some students will try again since the line couldn’t go through; enter the voice message instead.


Tomorrow, the class activity is going to continue. Please moms answer the call from the number: 778 985 7750 (my cell phone #). Your sweet heart is looking forward to saying something to you : ) Please feel free to response and to even ask any questions if you like. Thanks for your great support! 


Hsu Laoshi