Oral Presentation will start on Thursday, Nov.15

Dear all,

I hope that you all have a nice long weekend.

As I have mentioned in last post. The students are working on their oral presentation of the Nine Style Box, and parents are very welcome to enter the classroom to be their honorable audiences. The presentation will start on Thursday, Nov 15. It will take three or four days to complete everyone’s presentation of each class based on the oral speed and Q&A sections. As for the order of the students’ presentation, it will follow the no. (#1-28) showed on each class list.

All parents who are interested in joining us, please check the class # with your child, and ask them how many students have completed each day for update. In addition, please spread the message and share it with any parents who haven’t subscribe the Mandarin website of SFX School. You are all welcome to show your support and to celebrate with them about their progress and success. Your presence must mean a lot to the children.

Below is the timetable of Intermediate Mandarin from Gr.4-7. Please wait quietly outside the classroom by the time of the schedule. Thank you!

Mandarin Timetable Ms. Hsu.

Warm regards,

Hsu Laoshi