To Chinese Culture Club (CCC) members

Dear all,
Thanks for your interest and commitment to the CCC meetings and practices. We are focusing on the biggest cultural event in Term Two.
Before Chinese New Year celebration on Feb.5, there will be some intensive practices.
Each member should have the dates on the consent form. Below are the reminders that you have to attend the following meetings and practices based on the dates scheduled in the beginning of November, so you can  work with others and achieve different tasks during each meeting time. With your constant attendance, then you will feel confident to perform and enjoy the celebration. Thanks for you and your parents’ attention!
1. Fri. Jan 25
2. Mon Jan 28
3. Wed Jan 30
In addition, please listen to the 1st music of the song, 小蘋果 Xiao Ping Guo, and practice singing along. And the 2nd music is especially for the dance crew (8-10 girls) to perform a lantern dance. Let’s work hard and look forwarding to having an exciting and memorable presentation on that day.
Hsu Laoshi