Sharing a video about China

Dear all,
Here are two informative videos we have watched in Mandarin class. There is a lot of information about the big topic we are learning-What is China 中國知多少. Through these two videos, you will know more about the country and culture from many aspects such as history, population, language, food, economy, social problems, core concepts, …etc. I would say that some data or facts need to be updated, but most of the viewpoints are true. You could re-watch as a helpful reference- what I know about China 我對中國的認識 / 我对中国的认识。Hopefully they will be helpful when you guys prepare for your project.
When you watch the 1st video, and you feel that it’s too fast, you can make the speed slower if you open with the video by VLC media player. You can simply follow the instructions (to click playback/ speed/ slower) showed as the attached images.


Please click the link below when you are ready.