Measure Word量詞 Porject reminder

Dear all,

The following message is for Gr.4 to Gr.7 students and the parents.

1. They have learned three categories of various Measure Word for the past couple weeks. This week they are going to focus on a individual project to demonstrate their understanding and application.

2. Each of them has to complete HW. on time. They have to accomplish the worksheet for this topic, to show the teacher, and then to decide which two categories they have to work on their project. (two out of three categories due to the limit of the space), and to receive their good copy for the project afterwards.

3. Most classes have received the worksheet today in class except 7B, 4S and 4L. They are going to get it tomorrow.

4. They need to find related pictures from any flyers, magazines which are not needed any more. Or they could search for online images, and print them out. Colorful pictures will be prefer (Any black and white will be accepted once they are colored by pencil crayons) . Also, I have showed the students in class the way how to search the images and shrink them proper size in order to match the space on good copy.

5. Please be aware that the students will need to use computer after class/at home to complete their task. (the students have been reminded to take use of the technology for the need of the project only.)

6. I am going to post the “title” and “sample” in the following posts for your reference to show everyone what the the project will look like. The students will receive the hard copy of the title and sample next time in Mandarin class. Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

Hsu Laoshi