Students’ Projects Gr.4-7 for your reference

Dear all,

I am so glad to see the students showing me their proud and impressive work.

There are many students demonstrating their effort through not only paying attention in class, following instructions, but also complete their tasks step by step. Therefore, they can hand it in on time or even earlier than expectation. Well Done!

Below are some pictures of students’ work that I choose among lots of fantastic outcomes. You are cordially invited to visit our two Mandarin bulletins on the 3F. Thank you!

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Tomorrow will be the due day for all grades to submit their one-page project. If there will be no Mandarin class due to the school Mass and the class schedule. You can directly bring yours to my office which is next to the Chinese corner and near the LAC department on the 3rd floor.

Hsu Laoshi is looking forward to appreciating your excellent work.