Welcome to Annual Cultural Event- CH. Calligraphy Week

Dear all,

It has been nine years since the cultural event has been brought into Mandarin curriculum.The CH. calligraphy week is here.

Thank you so much for some parents coming over the weekend to help out the setup. The beautiful Calligraphy classroom now is ready to welcome Gr.4-Gr.7 students to enjoy Calligraphy practice starting from Monday, Dec. 9, and the event will last for a whole week. Please remind your class teacher to bring you to JPII room. Here are some kind reminders.

1. Line up in two lines by gender before entering the room.

2. Sit down in front of the “Attention” sign.

3. Wait patiently and quietly for the  teacher to welcome you.

As for any parent volunteers who have signed up to help/assist during class time of the week, please show up on time or even a bit early for tasks clarification. 







See you there!

Hsu Laoshi