CCC members & Dance group meeting tomorrow morning

Dear all,

The big day is coming soon. Thank you for CCC members and Dance group’ hard work as well as parents’ support and cooperation.

Since CCC missed one meeting for practice due to the unexpected crazy snowfall. Also, dance group need the practice on the stage. Therefore, we all will stay at school from 9:00 -10:20am during Friday mass time. Please meet the teachers in JPII room when you hear announcement. You are going to try your beautiful costume and practice with props. I hope to see everyone there.

For next week, We will have additional practice after school 3:30-4:30 on Monday for Dance and Tuesday for CCC if there is no basketball games. Will let you know the plan tomorrow.

In addition, our parishs know that you will have fantastic performance, and so our pastor,Fr. Ly has invited us to present on Sunday, Jan. 26. It will be another priceless chance to enjoy the celebration with for the whole school/parish community. Once again, we need you and your parent’s great support to make it work.

Here is the letter to home. Each one in Dance group has received it already. CCC members will get it tomorrow when we meet.

CCC+Dance are invited to perform on Sunday Jan 26

Thank you so much for your continuous support!

Hsu laoshi