Friendly Reminders regarding CH. New Year prep.

Dear all,
We have started to decorate our school from this week and next week as well since the Chinese New Year is almost here. Please respect all the decorations and students’ fantastic art works.
During Mandarin time, we have learned some Chinese songs. We are going to sing them at church for CNY Mass and at the school gym for the cultural celebration. Here are all songs for each grade. Please listen to it and practice at home. Hope you all can memorize it. I will upload the mp3 files and the song sheets for your reference.
Next class, we are going to practice singing them with little props (No sheets) and let you know your position on the risers which will be set in front of the gym stage.
As for 6 “students MCs” and 7 students who are in charge of the “prayers of faithful”, please follow instructions and practice in Mandarin as much as you can. Thank you for your efforts.
In addition, in order to help CCC members and Dance group have enough dance experience on stage, there will be additional practice after school next week. Monday has been scheduled for Dance group; and Tuesday has been scheduled for CCC.
PS. There will be other password required posts for CCC and Dance Group ONLY later! There will be pictures, videos and important information/reminders for each involved student. Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice weekend!
Hsu Laoshi