Continuity of Mandarin learning

Dear parents and students,
Due to the corona-virus pandemic, online teaching and learning is a trend and gradually it will become common practice. Regarding the plan for the Continuity of Mandarin Chinese Learning, I am going to help the students learn Chinese language and culture through the distance/remote learning app “Zoom”. Using this platform, I can meet and interact with my students to practice the target language. At the same time, my students will keep developing their potential and talent to achieve academic success in learning the Mandarin language.
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The schedule for different grades will be available soon and keep you updated. Please pay attention to new posts on the Intermediate Mandarin website or further emails as I will continue to send you more information in detail. For any remaining parents who have not subscribed to the Intermediate Mandarin website, please do so at your convenience.
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Thank you for your patience and attention during this uncertain and stressful time. I wish your family all the best, safety and health. Let us continue to pray for the students and the whole school community during this difficult time.I look forward to seeing you all at school again in the near future.
God Bless!
Hsu Laoshi (Gr.4-7 Mandarin teacher)