First Zoom meeting for Mandarin class is coming soon

Dear all,

I hope that you all have setup ready the app of Zoom for tomorrow’s first meeting with me and your other classmates online. It will be excited since we have not see each other for three weeks.

For anyone you missed the emails sent from the school office, please find attach Zoom setup instructions & pictures in detail. In addition, there was another updated email sent yesterday with class schedule change and password requirement info. for each grade. So far there are still some parents emailing and asking relevant questions. I assume that they might have not checked their emails yet.

In addition, I’d appreciate you if each class rep.(Gr.4-7) can remind your class parents through the social media you are using with the parents since up to today, there are still some parents who have not subscribe Intermediate Mandarin website yet.  However, in the future, I am going to assign HW. and post reminders through this school website especially for the Intermediate Mandarin as the extra platform other than Zoom class. They could just need to simply type email address, and click the button of “subscribe” once they enter the website through the school homepage ( So that we all can on the same page through such efficient platform for communication.

Thank you in advance for all your patience since it will be a bit challenging, and everyone needs to gradually get used to this new distance/remote education. I believe we can all get through it. Let’s pray for each other’s mental and physical well being. Here is a quick reminder as such for tomorrow’s Zoom meeting for each grade. (Please check the email you have received for password.)

Gr.7– 1:00-1:30pm

Grade 7 Mandarin ID:256-194-169    Password: required

Gr.6– 1:30-2:00pm

Grade 6 Mandarin ID: 126-126-466    Password: required                   

Gr.5– 2:30-3:00pm

Grade 5 Mandarin ID: 932-247-584   Password: required                                                                                  

Gr.4– 3:00-3:30pm

Grade 4 Mandarin ID: 156-832-739    Password: required

Lastly, below are two pdf. records for your reference if anyone needs. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

ZOOM setup +ID# for Mandarin class,

Some important updates for Mandarin Zoom Class,

Take care,

Hsu Laoshi