Make-up Book A Review Project and Reading Assessment

Dear all,

First, I would like to thank all parents for your great support, so that we can see each other. Many of you also enjoyed seeing your friends and classmates through the app Zoom. I missed you; and I was glad to meet over 95% students in the meeting after three weeks since we met last time at school.

During the meeting, I mentioned that there is a last call for few students who have not handed in your project (Book A review project) or you have not done the reading assessment before the spring break. It is understandable since there were some unexpected circumstances we encountered. Or you might have been absent due to other reasons. I believe you all can make it. If you have done both, good job!

Please find attached the project form (pdf) and the review handout (pdf) for the project and oral/reading assessment if you need. Also, here is the name list for those missing projects/oral assessments. Please let me know if there is an error.

Missing Project: Bradey in 4L;  Matthew and Aiden in 5P;  Madelyn in 6G;  Maia in 6B;  Byran and Sophia in 7B;  Nicholas in 7M

Note: You must download and print out the form if you lost it. Or you can continue to complete the rest of the form if you still have it. After that, please email me after either taking a picture or scanning it. (

P.S. There was a boy who emailed me soon after the meeting yesterday. Well Done!

Missing Oral Assessment: Dora, Joshua and Fischer in 4L;  Atticus in 4S;  Matthew and Raymond in 5P;  Kayden in 5W;  Madelyn in 6G;  Michelle and Vincy in 6B

Note: You must practice those sentences on the review handout as much as you can. I will assess you next time when we see each other online again.

IMPORTANT : All Gr.7s in both 7M & 7B did NOT have the reading assessment yet. Each of you only grouped with another friend. Therefore, you are going to be called and do the oral test next time when we meet online for Mandarin class. Please practice at home or call your partner to practice over the phone. Please get ready!!!

May God bless your whole family!

Hsu Laoshi

Note: choose and click the part you need below; then press the right click to save image as …; open the file you save and print it out for use.