Keep the SAME schedule for the rest of April

Dear all,

Today during the class time meeting with four grades, I repeatedly reminded all my students at the end of Mandarin class that we will see each other again next Monday according to the same fixed schedule which was emailed to parents on April 14 and also published on my Mandarin school blog . Classes have been scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also, it seems that this schedule arrangement works well to avoid the most conflicts. In addition, with the fixed class time, it really helps the students to get into a routine.

Below is the schedule in detail for each grade. They should meet with me over Zoom (using SAME meeting ID and Password) for Mandarin class and continue to learn and practice the language

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (three times a week)

Gr.6s: 10:00-11:50am Gr.7s: 11:00-11:50am

Gr.4s: 1:00-1:50pm Gr.5s: 2:00-2:50pm

As for May and June, I will have to see and cooperate with other teaching staff if there will be other teachers or specialists who also want to apply the online classes to their teaching plan, and I probably will have to make some adjustments if needed. After confirming with the school administrators, I will email and publish any updates or changes to inform you before the class starts in May .

Please be assured that I will keep you all posted. Let us continue to work together to provide the best education for the rising generation and keep our whole school community in our prayers. Thank you so very much for all your tremendous support.

Have a blessed weekend!

Hsu Laoshi