Gr.6 Oral Practice Task,April 24

Dear students,

As I have showed you in today’s class. Below is the oral practice task based on the content of Lesson seven. We have learned the sentence patterns and those related words. Please download it, follow instructions and complete it including interview your family. I will call you next class to hear your likes and dislike as well as the responses of your interview.

Have a nice weekend!

Hsu Laoshi

Keep the SAME schedule for the rest of April

Dear all,

Today during the class time meeting with four grades, I repeatedly reminded all my students at the end of Mandarin class that we will see each other again next Monday according to the same fixed schedule which was emailed to parents on April 14 and also published on my Mandarin school blog . Classes have been scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also, it seems that this schedule arrangement works well to avoid the most conflicts. In addition, with the fixed class time, it really helps the students to get into a routine.

Below is the schedule in detail for each grade. They should meet with me over Zoom (using SAME meeting ID and Password) for Mandarin class and continue to learn and practice the language

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (three times a week)

Gr.6s: 10:00-11:50am Gr.7s: 11:00-11:50am

Gr.4s: 1:00-1:50pm Gr.5s: 2:00-2:50pm

As for May and June, I will have to see and cooperate with other teaching staff if there will be other teachers or specialists who also want to apply the online classes to their teaching plan, and I probably will have to make some adjustments if needed. After confirming with the school administrators, I will email and publish any updates or changes to inform you before the class starts in May .

Please be assured that I will keep you all posted. Let us continue to work together to provide the best education for the rising generation and keep our whole school community in our prayers. Thank you so very much for all your tremendous support.

Have a blessed weekend!

Hsu Laoshi

Homework and Reminders after class on April 15

Dear all,

Here are today’s homework in details and some friendly reminders on April 15-

Gr.4– Let’s Learn Chinese #4 Lesson 7 in Textbook B

  1. Review and practice reading the 16 new words on page 12. You should have highlighted them in yellow color in the text before today’s class.
  2. Review and practice readying 12 important words in the text on page 10 & 11. We have completed highlighted in pink color and have already noted the EN meaning.
  3. Follow the writing order and “Trace X3; Write X2” on page 13 in order to practice writing Chinese characters.

Gr.5– Let’s Learn Chinese #5 Lesson 7 in Textbook B

  1. Review and practice reading the 16 new words on page 12. You should have highlighted them in yellow color in the text of Lesson 7 before today’s class.
  2. Review and practice readying 13 important words in the text on page 10-12. We have completed highlighted in pink color and have already noted the EN meaning.
  3. Follow the writing order and “Trace X3; Write X2” on page 13 & 14 in order to practice writing Chinese characters.

Gr.6– Let’s Learn Chinese #6 Lesson 7 in Textbook B

  1. Review and practice reading the 17 new words on page 12. You should have highlighted them in yellow color in the text of Lesson 7 before today’s class.
  2. Review and practice readying 11 important words in the text on page 10-12. We have completed highlighted in pink color, but you have only noted the EN meaning on page 10
  3. Please note: Follow the writing order and “Trace X3; Write X2” on page 13 & 14 in order to practice writing Chinese characters.

== For All of You including Gr. 7s if you have not watched it yet==

  • Re-watch those two-story videos about Easter which have posted on the Intermediate Mandarin Website. Here is the link as below:

Please listen carefully and figure out how to say the following 5+1 sentences in Chinese. We have discussed and practiced all of them during the class time on Zoom. I am going to ask you guys again on Friday as a bonus for your class performance. Please discuss these 6 questions with your classmates if necessary.

  1. Happy Easter-
  2. The Last Supper-
  3. Son of God (the Father)-
  4. He died on the Cross-
  5. The angel said: Don’t be afraid-
  6. Jesus has risen-

In addition, I would like to thank those parents who sent emails in advance to inform me that your children will be absent due to an unavoidable reason on a scheduled day. I must receive it even though I may not have enough time to reply before Mandarin class. Absolutely I can feel and see your care and respect for me and the class as well.

Lastly, here is another friendly reminder to the parents. I totally understand that many of you might need to work from home. However, in order to maintain your child learning quality and help them to focus, we need your cooperation and attention to leave your child in a quiet space/room for the online class. Hence, your talking content will not be heard during our Zoom meeting, and the students will not be interrupted or distracted. Your understanding and support will be great appreciated.

Hsu Laoshi

Mandarin Online Class Time Has Scheduled for Gr.4-7

Dear all,

I would like to share with you the schedule for Grade 4-7 Mandarin class. It will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the following three weeks in April. Since this will be a short week from April 14-17, and so we are going to meet each other twice only in the week.

After trying two different schedules last week, the following class time would be the best arrangement and provide least conflicts for the students. I am going to meet them online again through Zoom tomorrow on Wednesday except Gr.7s. We are going to meet online on Thursday instead because there will be an online meeting for you to meet with Miss Molina tomorrow morning. It means I am going to see you on Thursday and Friday.

Gr.6s: 10:00-11:50am Gr.7s: 11:00-11:50am


Gr.4s: 1:00-1:50pm Gr.5s: 2:00-2:50pm


1. For privacy concerns, Nobody is allowed to take any pictures or videos from the screen during our meeting time. (Important!!!)

2. Please find some time today to visit the Intermediate Mandarin website to view those two posts and watch those two Chinese story videos before class time. I am going to ask you some questions about them.

3. Please get your learning supplies for Mandarin class ready before the class time.

Have a great day! I will see you soon.

Hsu Laoshi

Two Stories about Easter

Dear all,

I believe that you all have heard the origin of Easter. Here are two Chinese stories below about Jesus’ death for all sinners and His glorious resurrection. There is Chinese subtitle at the bottom of the screen. The first video is in simplified Chinese. The second one is in traditional Chinese. Also, the second story is told by a group of little kids about their understanding of Easter.

This is a good opportunity for you to listen to the true stories and improve your comprehension since you already have some background knowledge in English. Hope you enjoy it! And let me know if you have any questions next time when we meet online.

Have a nice day!

Hsu Laoshi

復活節快樂 Fù Huó Jié kuài lè- Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Quotes 2020, Easter Sunday Quotes, Quotes Images ...

Dear all, 大家好!

Jesus has risen to prove that God is love. 耶穌已經復活了,並證明了天主是愛。

Nothing is impossible for those who believe in God. 為那些相信上主的,沒有不可能的事。

HE is the Way, Truth and Life. 祂是道路,真理和生命。

For me, it is the most beautiful gift of knowing HIM in my life. 認識祂是你我一生最美的祝福。

And so I would like to share with you. 所以我特別想要和你分享。

Wish you a very blessed and joyful Easter! 祝大家有個充滿恩寵與喜樂的復活節!

Hsu Laoshi 許老師

Make-up Book A Review Project and Reading Assessment

Dear all,

First, I would like to thank all parents for your great support, so that we can see each other. Many of you also enjoyed seeing your friends and classmates through the app Zoom. I missed you; and I was glad to meet over 95% students in the meeting after three weeks since we met last time at school.

During the meeting, I mentioned that there is a last call for few students who have not handed in your project (Book A review project) or you have not done the reading assessment before the spring break. It is understandable since there were some unexpected circumstances we encountered. Or you might have been absent due to other reasons. I believe you all can make it. If you have done both, good job!

Please find attached the project form (pdf) and the review handout (pdf) for the project and oral/reading assessment if you need. Also, here is the name list for those missing projects/oral assessments. Please let me know if there is an error.

Missing Project: Bradey in 4L;  Matthew and Aiden in 5P;  Madelyn in 6G;  Maia in 6B;  Byran and Sophia in 7B;  Nicholas in 7M

Note: You must download and print out the form if you lost it. Or you can continue to complete the rest of the form if you still have it. After that, please email me after either taking a picture or scanning it. (

P.S. There was a boy who emailed me soon after the meeting yesterday. Well Done!

Missing Oral Assessment: Dora, Joshua and Fischer in 4L;  Atticus in 4S;  Matthew and Raymond in 5P;  Kayden in 5W;  Madelyn in 6G;  Michelle and Vincy in 6B

Note: You must practice those sentences on the review handout as much as you can. I will assess you next time when we see each other online again.

IMPORTANT : All Gr.7s in both 7M & 7B did NOT have the reading assessment yet. Each of you only grouped with another friend. Therefore, you are going to be called and do the oral test next time when we meet online for Mandarin class. Please practice at home or call your partner to practice over the phone. Please get ready!!!

May God bless your whole family!

Hsu Laoshi

Note: choose and click the part you need below; then press the right click to save image as …; open the file you save and print it out for use.

First Zoom meeting for Mandarin class is coming soon

Dear all,

I hope that you all have setup ready the app of Zoom for tomorrow’s first meeting with me and your other classmates online. It will be excited since we have not see each other for three weeks.

For anyone you missed the emails sent from the school office, please find attach Zoom setup instructions & pictures in detail. In addition, there was another updated email sent yesterday with class schedule change and password requirement info. for each grade. So far there are still some parents emailing and asking relevant questions. I assume that they might have not checked their emails yet.

In addition, I’d appreciate you if each class rep.(Gr.4-7) can remind your class parents through the social media you are using with the parents since up to today, there are still some parents who have not subscribe Intermediate Mandarin website yet.  However, in the future, I am going to assign HW. and post reminders through this school website especially for the Intermediate Mandarin as the extra platform other than Zoom class. They could just need to simply type email address, and click the button of “subscribe” once they enter the website through the school homepage ( So that we all can on the same page through such efficient platform for communication.

Thank you in advance for all your patience since it will be a bit challenging, and everyone needs to gradually get used to this new distance/remote education. I believe we can all get through it. Let’s pray for each other’s mental and physical well being. Here is a quick reminder as such for tomorrow’s Zoom meeting for each grade. (Please check the email you have received for password.)

Gr.7– 1:00-1:30pm

Grade 7 Mandarin ID:256-194-169    Password: required

Gr.6– 1:30-2:00pm

Grade 6 Mandarin ID: 126-126-466    Password: required                   

Gr.5– 2:30-3:00pm

Grade 5 Mandarin ID: 932-247-584   Password: required                                                                                  

Gr.4– 3:00-3:30pm

Grade 4 Mandarin ID: 156-832-739    Password: required

Lastly, below are two pdf. records for your reference if anyone needs. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

ZOOM setup +ID# for Mandarin class,

Some important updates for Mandarin Zoom Class,

Take care,

Hsu Laoshi





Continuity of Mandarin learning

Dear parents and students,
Due to the corona-virus pandemic, online teaching and learning is a trend and gradually it will become common practice. Regarding the plan for the Continuity of Mandarin Chinese Learning, I am going to help the students learn Chinese language and culture through the distance/remote learning app “Zoom”. Using this platform, I can meet and interact with my students to practice the target language. At the same time, my students will keep developing their potential and talent to achieve academic success in learning the Mandarin language.
 ???????????????????????????????????    rpt
The schedule for different grades will be available soon and keep you updated. Please pay attention to new posts on the Intermediate Mandarin website or further emails as I will continue to send you more information in detail. For any remaining parents who have not subscribed to the Intermediate Mandarin website, please do so at your convenience.
  IMG_20200402_231928   IMG_20200402_231735
Thank you for your patience and attention during this uncertain and stressful time. I wish your family all the best, safety and health. Let us continue to pray for the students and the whole school community during this difficult time.I look forward to seeing you all at school again in the near future.
God Bless!
Hsu Laoshi (Gr.4-7 Mandarin teacher)

Book A completed already, Book B will start soon

Dear all,

I hope that you are doing well. I miss you all.

As you know that the Book A (Lesson 1 -10) has been completed learning by Term two. Therefore, you worked hard on the project about “Book A review” before the spring break. Your fantastic work impressed me so much. You highlighted some topics you have learned from this book and to demonstrate your comprehension through illustration and Chinese sentences you wrote as the caption.

Below are the pictures of the update about the 3F bulletins displaying your amazing projects. The parents should be very proud of you. I would like to share with them in case they have not the opportunity yet to visit the Mandarin bulletins.



I would like to encourage each one of you keep up on learning the following lessons in Book B. The happier thing is that both Gr.5 & 6 even have started learning Lesson 7 in Book B before the spring break. Let’s believe that nothing can stop us to move forward. Hope to see you soon.

God bless,

Hsu Laoshi


Project for Year of Rat

Dear all,
I hope that whoever went to the ski field trip had a good time.
I would like to sharing you the updated bulletin on the 3F.

cof    cof

Anyone is going to complete tonight the project can bring your work to my office to hand it in tomorrow when you arrive at school. Or whoever you hasn’t received the good copy, especially Gr. 5 students due to the skiing, no worries! I will find a couple minutes to see you in your classrooms.
PS. Tomorrow is the day for our Chinese New Year celebration. You can wear your traditional costume or red/pink top to school from home. Also, please directly report to your classroom. It will be a joyous day. All the parents and friends are welcome to join us. See you soon!
Best wishes to each one of you and your family!
Hsu Laoshi


CH. songs for students to listen and practice

1. Entrance Hymn-

2. Gr. 4 鳳陽花鼓 Feng Yang flower drum

3. Gr.5 財神到  Fortune god is here

4. Gr. 6 讚美的孩子最喜樂 When I praise You, I am filled with joy.

5. Gr. 7 天父的花園 God Father’s Garden

6. Finale song for the whole school- Gongxi gongxi

Hope you enjoy it!

Hsu Laoshi

Friendly Reminders regarding CH. New Year prep.

Dear all,
We have started to decorate our school from this week and next week as well since the Chinese New Year is almost here. Please respect all the decorations and students’ fantastic art works.
During Mandarin time, we have learned some Chinese songs. We are going to sing them at church for CNY Mass and at the school gym for the cultural celebration. Here are all songs for each grade. Please listen to it and practice at home. Hope you all can memorize it. I will upload the mp3 files and the song sheets for your reference.
Next class, we are going to practice singing them with little props (No sheets) and let you know your position on the risers which will be set in front of the gym stage.
As for 6 “students MCs” and 7 students who are in charge of the “prayers of faithful”, please follow instructions and practice in Mandarin as much as you can. Thank you for your efforts.
In addition, in order to help CCC members and Dance group have enough dance experience on stage, there will be additional practice after school next week. Monday has been scheduled for Dance group; and Tuesday has been scheduled for CCC.
PS. There will be other password required posts for CCC and Dance Group ONLY later! There will be pictures, videos and important information/reminders for each involved student. Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice weekend!
Hsu Laoshi

CCC members & Dance group meeting tomorrow morning

Dear all,

The big day is coming soon. Thank you for CCC members and Dance group’ hard work as well as parents’ support and cooperation.

Since CCC missed one meeting for practice due to the unexpected crazy snowfall. Also, dance group need the practice on the stage. Therefore, we all will stay at school from 9:00 -10:20am during Friday mass time. Please meet the teachers in JPII room when you hear announcement. You are going to try your beautiful costume and practice with props. I hope to see everyone there.

For next week, We will have additional practice after school 3:30-4:30 on Monday for Dance and Tuesday for CCC if there is no basketball games. Will let you know the plan tomorrow.

In addition, our parishs know that you will have fantastic performance, and so our pastor,Fr. Ly has invited us to present on Sunday, Jan. 26. It will be another priceless chance to enjoy the celebration with for the whole school/parish community. Once again, we need you and your parent’s great support to make it work.

Here is the letter to home. Each one in Dance group has received it already. CCC members will get it tomorrow when we meet.

CCC+Dance are invited to perform on Sunday Jan 26

Thank you so much for your continuous support!

Hsu laoshi

CH. Culutre Club (CCC) & CH. Dance Group

Dear all,

During Friday lunch time, you all had received a /notice/reminder about the meeting schedule for next week. Since the dress up rehearsal is coming very soon. You need to the opportunity to not only try your costume and props, but also need to practice in the gym. Therefore, there will be two meetings next week for CCC and Dance group. Please remind your parents about the additional meeting after school. Thanks for your hard work and cooperation.

CCC will be on Monday and Wednesday

Dance group will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

ps. I have also posted another protected post on the website of Intermediate Mandarin with pictures and videos about dance practice on Thursday. Please type the password and view them for helping your review.

God bless,

Hsu Laoshi