Two Stories about Easter

Dear all,

I believe that you all have heard the origin of Easter. Here are two Chinese stories below about Jesus’ death for all sinners and His glorious resurrection. There is Chinese subtitle at the bottom of the screen. The first video is in simplified Chinese. The second one is in traditional Chinese. Also, the second story is told by a group of little kids about their understanding of Easter.

This is a good opportunity for you to listen to the true stories and improve your comprehension since you already have some background knowledge in English. Hope you enjoy it! And let me know if you have any questions next time when we meet online.

Have a nice day!

Hsu Laoshi

Make-up Book A Review Project and Reading Assessment

Dear all,

First, I would like to thank all parents for your great support, so that we can see each other. Many of you also enjoyed seeing your friends and classmates through the app Zoom. I missed you; and I was glad to meet over 95% students in the meeting after three weeks since we met last time at school.

During the meeting, I mentioned that there is a last call for few students who have not handed in your project (Book A review project) or you have not done the reading assessment before the spring break. It is understandable since there were some unexpected circumstances we encountered. Or you might have been absent due to other reasons. I believe you all can make it. If you have done both, good job!

Please find attached the project form (pdf) and the review handout (pdf) for the project and oral/reading assessment if you need. Also, here is the name list for those missing projects/oral assessments. Please let me know if there is an error.

Missing Project: Bradey in 4L;  Matthew and Aiden in 5P;  Madelyn in 6G;  Maia in 6B;  Byran and Sophia in 7B;  Nicholas in 7M

Note: You must download and print out the form if you lost it. Or you can continue to complete the rest of the form if you still have it. After that, please email me after either taking a picture or scanning it. (

P.S. There was a boy who emailed me soon after the meeting yesterday. Well Done!

Missing Oral Assessment: Dora, Joshua and Fischer in 4L;  Atticus in 4S;  Matthew and Raymond in 5P;  Kayden in 5W;  Madelyn in 6G;  Michelle and Vincy in 6B

Note: You must practice those sentences on the review handout as much as you can. I will assess you next time when we see each other online again.

IMPORTANT : All Gr.7s in both 7M & 7B did NOT have the reading assessment yet. Each of you only grouped with another friend. Therefore, you are going to be called and do the oral test next time when we meet online for Mandarin class. Please practice at home or call your partner to practice over the phone. Please get ready!!!

May God bless your whole family!

Hsu Laoshi

Note: choose and click the part you need below; then press the right click to save image as …; open the file you save and print it out for use.

CH. songs for students to listen and practice

1. Entrance Hymn-

2. Gr. 4 鳳陽花鼓 Feng Yang flower drum

3. Gr.5 財神到  Fortune god is here

4. Gr. 6 讚美的孩子最喜樂 When I praise You, I am filled with joy.

5. Gr. 7 天父的花園 God Father’s Garden

6. Finale song for the whole school- Gongxi gongxi

Hope you enjoy it!

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.4-7 recordings of the story

Dear all,

Happy New Year and welcome back to school. Wish you all had a wonderful Christmas break.

We are going to complete learning the topic about Christmas, afterwards, we can move on the next topic about Chinese new year. For the story, in addition to making a cover page for the story booklet, there will be a reading assessment.

Unfortunately, there are still few students who either left their cover page at home or haven’t finished yet. REMEMBER TO BRING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!

For the schedule about the reading assessment of the story , it will be either on Thursday or Friday based on the class’ Mandarin time.

The students have already known their group members. Today, they had met together to practice during today’s class time. And the homework is to listen the recording & practice reading. Please pay more attention to 4 tones control with nice and clear voice. Below is the recording (from Gr.4 to Gr.7) for your reference.

1. Gr. 4: The New-born King

2. Gr.5: The Savior’s Birth

3. Gr.6: Celebrate a Meaningful Christmas

4. Gr.7: Keep Christ in Christmas

 Hsu Laoshi

Measure Word量詞 Porject reminder

Dear all,

The following message is for Gr.4 to Gr.7 students and the parents.

1. They have learned three categories of various Measure Word for the past couple weeks. This week they are going to focus on a individual project to demonstrate their understanding and application.

2. Each of them has to complete HW. on time. They have to accomplish the worksheet for this topic, to show the teacher, and then to decide which two categories they have to work on their project. (two out of three categories due to the limit of the space), and to receive their good copy for the project afterwards.

3. Most classes have received the worksheet today in class except 7B, 4S and 4L. They are going to get it tomorrow.

4. They need to find related pictures from any flyers, magazines which are not needed any more. Or they could search for online images, and print them out. Colorful pictures will be prefer (Any black and white will be accepted once they are colored by pencil crayons) . Also, I have showed the students in class the way how to search the images and shrink them proper size in order to match the space on good copy.

5. Please be aware that the students will need to use computer after class/at home to complete their task. (the students have been reminded to take use of the technology for the need of the project only.)

6. I am going to post the “title” and “sample” in the following posts for your reference to show everyone what the the project will look like. The students will receive the hard copy of the title and sample next time in Mandarin class. Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,

Hsu Laoshi




What is China-2 ( Topic project)

Dear all,
You all have made a plan with your partner about the topic after discussing and deciding for the project of China. The project will be due on next Monday. This time you are allowed to choose your partner. 2 people work together as a group. Some groups have shown me the facts, introduction and pictures and got my advice and critique about what they have researched for the topic since yesterday and today. Well done! Here are some reminders.
Be responsible to get done the part you are in charge by the due date.(Share equal duty and workload based on your discussion)
-Choose the font #18 if you want to type the text.
-Printed out pictures in appropriate size to meet the space and plan you did. Colorful pictures are preferred (public libraries offer the service of colorful printing if necessary)
-All labels of images should be in Chinese and Pinyin.
-The title of the topic should be in Chinese and English.
Oral presentations will take turns on next week.
I am looking forward to seeing your learning and working outcome.
Hsu Laoshi





What is China-1

Dear all,

Hope you all have enjoyed the two-week relaxing and pleasant spring break as well as the beautiful weather.

oznor    smacap_Bright

In Mandarin class, we are learning the topic about China including the location of China, Chinese food, Great Wall of China, … etc.

Below are the power point and some videos for you to review. There will be more lessons after the spring break. They will include brief history, customs and cultural difference between eastern and western people. In addition, you are going to work with your partner for a project that you are interested and to share with the class.

Great wall of China 萬里長城

Chinese Famous Food 中國美食

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.4-7 Chinese songs for singing performances

Dear all,

I believe that each family has received the pink invitation letter that your child/ren had brought home. Here are the 4 songs that each grade is going to sing for the Chinese New Year celebration on Feb. 5.

Please mark your calendar and join us on that day, Tuesday Feb.5  for the joyful event.

Below are the song that each grade is going to present as well as the Gongxi song for the Finale at the end of the event. Each student is highly expected to memorize and perform along with some simple action. Please listen to the music and practice as much as you can. Thank you!

Hsu Laoshi





Finale-Gongxi song

Mandarin song-Angel’s heart

Dear Gr.7s,

As you have learned the song “天使心” in class for your performance at the Grad dinner, you all highly expected to practice as much as possible. Each one of you have to memorize the song since NO one is allowed to bring any cue-cards or notes to the stage at that night.

I have asked a professional to help transposed the music into B-flat. It means that the music now is lower than the original. Hopefully every students could be able to sing. I am looking forward to hearing your beautiful singing performance.

Today, 7Ks have started to do the “recite” assessment, and all groups have already completed. 7Ms will do it tomorrow. Please remember to click the ppt file attached in the previous post. There are clear instructions in the ppt. In addition, the updated music has been posted, too.


Hsu Laoshi


Mandarin monthly plan in April

Dear all,
I hope that you all have a joyful and relaxing spring break. After the break, The students continue and have completed the topic of Aladdin which integrated with our musical production in the rest month of March.
After that, in order to train the students to have more opportunities to practice and speak in Mandarin and to improve their oral ability, we are now focusing on preparing for an oral presentation regarding the students’ spring break. Each of them is working on the content of their speech. In the meantime, they are going to either showing two photos which were taken during any outings, travelings and vacations; or drawing two pictures related with their spring break.They will be projected onto the white board when the students give their presentation.
In class, they have been given samples of sentences, instructions to follow step by step. Also, other than Google translate, they are taught how to look up words through online dictionaries such as yabla ( , MDBG ( The students can easily type English or Pinyin sound (without tones) and to search for Chinese characters. The students maybe need some time after class to look up some Chinese characters specifically for their lines. Please support them to learn independently and responsibly. Their 5 sentences (drafts) should be checked and proved first by the teacher before receiving a good copy.
The class will be given more practice time and rehearsal before the formal presentation. The criteria and information sheets will be handed out soon. Everyone needs to listen carefully to check the right answers and to take brief notes while listening to others’ speech. This will be another important training of listening comprehension for the students. Also, the information sheets will be marked as well.
I am looking forward to hearing and witnessing my students’ progress after making lots of effort.
Have a nice weekend! 週末快樂!
Hsu Laoshi


Show & Tell Project-Homework Reminders

Dear all,

I believe that you have been informed that No School on Wednesday, Nov. 22 due to water cutting off at SFX. This is a decision without a notice ahead of time. Also, two thirds of Gr.7 students were absent today due to the Mini School exam. They subsequently missed a class. I therefore would like to give all students some friendly and important reminders about the homework and expectations of the project of Show & Tell.

Based on the learning schedule on page 2, all students are working on the draft of the project after completing the plan sheet in details and after looking up some Chinese terms and phrases. All students are expected to first finish his/her project draft including three parts before receiving the good copy in yellow color. They are 1. to draw and color the object, 2. to take a half body colorful shot with the object, 3. to follow the format (1-8) to introduce your object in Chinese. You can take the practice sheet and teacher’s sample sheet as your reference. In addition, you are encouraged to search and look up some words through online dictionaries.

Other than google translate, I have introduced another free and helpful learning resource. It will be easy to find it once you type “ yabla. com” on the website address. I have mentioned regarding supporting students’ learning need on a parent’s hard-copy notice as well as in the previous email. The students have to be trained and to learn how to be more independent little by little. I had emphasized in class the importance of being honest and building mutual trust through taking well use of the time and the online learning resources. Students will feel proud when they learn Chinese words, pinyin and writing strokes through this procedure and their effort.

All students are expected to continuously working on the project. Most of the students have showed me their drawings and colorful pictures. Please find attached samples. They have followed instructions and done a good job. Some students even have received the good copy after teacher’s checking their 1-8 sentences. Please make sure to meet the criteria and expectations which are listed on the scheduled pg. 2. The content of an introduction of your object will be the main part of the oral speech next week when you do your presentation.

Please note that it’s necessary and important to add pinyin and meaning of any new words to your draft sheet. You will have to practice and prepare for the oral speech later. However, on the good copy, you have to write the neat and tidy CH. character ONLY.

All students have to at least show me your ready draft paper on Thursday. Whoever has received the good copy, are also welcome to show your good job in the next class on Thursday. You will have some time to finalize and to make some improvement before submission during the Mandarin time. The project will be due on Friday, Nov 24. Next week, we are going to focus on the oral presentation. Please see the detail on schedule pg. 3. Thanks for your attention and great effort!

Finally, please get your schedule and HW checklist signed by your parents at the bottom of Pg.1. Below are the file sheets.

Show and Tell Schedule & checklist-Pg.1-3

20171121_190148   20171121_185643

20171121_190205   20171121_185531

20171121_185840   20171121_185414 20171121_185131

Listen to the sample recording of Show & Tell for Gr.4-7

Dear all,

I hope that you all have some family time and already enjoy your long weekend.

For the teachers’ Pro-D day on Tuesday, you can review the handout of the sample and listen to the recording again. After that, you can work on the worksheet of meaning comprehension. With the EN. notes of keywords, you can show me your understanding of the message about the teacher’s sample of Show & Tell.

Gr.4 新手機-

Gr.5 新墨鏡-

Gr.6 新背包-

Gr.7 新衣服-

Blessings in Christ,

Hsu Laoshi

Grade 7 moon story-Origin of moon cake 中秋月餅

Dear all,

Please listen to the attached recording about the origin of Moon cakes, and the story regarding moon cakes in the Chinese history.

Please listen to the first recording about the origin of the round cakes and then practice reading the story as your oral homework tonight. The second historical story and the second recording will be assigned as the other HW for the following day.

G7 月餅由來&歷史

Hsu Laoshi

Grade 6 moon story- Jade rabbit 玉兔搗藥

Dear all,

Please listen to the attached recording about the story of Jade rabbit (the moon bunny) who not only is the Moon lady’s companion, but also helps make magic potion.

There are two different legends about the rabbit. Please listen to the recording of the first story and then practice reading the story as your oral homework tonight. The second story and the second recording will be assigned as the other HW for tomorrow.

G6 故事內容-玉兔搗藥

Hsu Laoshi

Gr7-Two Chinese songs for Grad Dinner

Dear all,
Please listen to the music and practice singing as much as possible.
7M- 我的未來不是夢 My Future is not a dream
7K- 有一天 One day
All of you are supposed to memorize the lyrics and then you can sing and enjoy with other classmates. There will be a rehearsal tomorrow on Thursday.
We have practiced a bit in class and also arranged the position that you are going to line up. There will be two rows. Girls will be in the front, and boys are standing on the wooden benches at the back row. Please ask your classmates about your position if you helped the race event at the gym today.
Hsu Laoshi


Gr.5 Kitchen Project-廚房用具 & 餐具

Dear all,
I am very happy to see there are some very responsible students in both Gr5 classes to follow instructions and project schedule to get their parts ready.
All students have the handouts, project notice, and teacher’s reminders to follow and to complete the project step by step. Here are two samples I saw in two different groups today. One has completed one third of items and labeled each of them and added the right Pinyin beside as well. The other group has completed one fourth. They finished the title and some pictures are ready. Both of them set inspiring examples for the class. Well Done & Keep Going 🙂
I would like to encourage every student to try your best. Please communicate and remind one another among 4 members in your group.
Look forward to seeing your learning outcome and your great presentation through the poster soon.
G5 Kitchen Project Notice




Hsu Laoshi

Mandarin Project for Gr. 4-7

Dear all,

After learning the topic of Mother’s Day, students in different grades are now learning different topics for Term Three, and so there are different projects working currently in each grade. They all have received certain handouts,instructions, and done some worksheets as various practice. I will post important info. and details separately for each grade in different new posts later. Below are just the plans and big ideas.

Gr.4’s Topic: Sickness. Students are learning a text about the topic and all symptoms while not feeling well.

Gr.4’s Project: a relevant skit- 我不太舒服 (4 people per group: a sick child, parent, doctor, and a nurse)

Gr.5’s Topic: Kitchen. Students are leaning how to say those items they see in their kitchen and various daily used dinning utensils in Mandarin Chinese

Gr.5‘s Project: Kitchenware & Dinning utensil-廚房用具& 餐具 (4 people per group making a relevant poster with some colorful pictures of items about the topic and labling CH. keywords they are learning)

Gr.6’s Topic: Food. Students are learning to tell Junk food from nutritious meals as well as to recognize key words of common veggie, meat and seafood.

Gr.6’s Project: Nutritious Meals vs. Junk Food-營養膳食 對比 垃圾食物 (2 people per group making a relevant poster with colorful pictures got from any newspaper, any store flyers or online resources

Gr.7’s Topic: Common Cuisin Menu. Students are learning and reviewing main ingredients like veggie, meat and seafood as well as common dishes on Chinese menu.

Gr.7’s Project: Cooking a meal with love用愛心為父母做一餐 for parents (Each of the students has planned to cook a lovely meals for parents over this coming weekend and to show their gratitude for parent’s hard work and great support in the past few years;  must under parent’s supervision and/or some help if needed); record the shopping and cooking procedure through taking pictures.

Dear parents,

Your child needs your trust, and constant encouragement to help them achieve their learning objectives. Your kind reminders and company means a lot for him/her. Thank you so much for all your great support on student’s learning journey!

Love in Christ,

Hsu Laoshi