CH. songs for students to listen and practice

1. Entrance Hymn-

2. Gr. 4 鳳陽花鼓 Feng Yang flower drum

3. Gr.5 財神到  Fortune god is here

4. Gr. 6 讚美的孩子最喜樂 When I praise You, I am filled with joy.

5. Gr. 7 天父的花園 God Father’s Garden

6. Finale song for the whole school- Gongxi gongxi

Hope you enjoy it!

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.4-7 recordings of the story

Dear all,

Happy New Year and welcome back to school. Wish you all had a wonderful Christmas break.

We are going to complete learning the topic about Christmas, afterwards, we can move on the next topic about Chinese new year. For the story, in addition to making a cover page for the story booklet, there will be a reading assessment.

Unfortunately, there are still few students who either left their cover page at home or haven’t finished yet. REMEMBER TO BRING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!

For the schedule about the reading assessment of the story , it will be either on Thursday or Friday based on the class’ Mandarin time.

The students have already known their group members. Today, they had met together to practice during today’s class time. And the homework is to listen the recording & practice reading. Please pay more attention to 4 tones control with nice and clear voice. Below is the recording (from Gr.4 to Gr.7) for your reference.

1. Gr. 4: The New-born King

2. Gr.5: The Savior’s Birth

3. Gr.6: Celebrate a Meaningful Christmas

4. Gr.7: Keep Christ in Christmas

 Hsu Laoshi