Two Stories about Easter

Dear all,

I believe that you all have heard the origin of Easter. Here are two Chinese stories below about Jesus’ death for all sinners and His glorious resurrection. There is Chinese subtitle at the bottom of the screen. The first video is in simplified Chinese. The second one is in traditional Chinese. Also, the second story is told by a group of little kids about their understanding of Easter.

This is a good opportunity for you to listen to the true stories and improve your comprehension since you already have some background knowledge in English. Hope you enjoy it! And let me know if you have any questions next time when we meet online.

Have a nice day!

Hsu Laoshi

復活節快樂 Fù Huó Jié kuài lè- Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Quotes 2020, Easter Sunday Quotes, Quotes Images ...

Dear all, 大家好!

Jesus has risen to prove that God is love. 耶穌已經復活了,並證明了天主是愛。

Nothing is impossible for those who believe in God. 為那些相信上主的,沒有不可能的事。

HE is the Way, Truth and Life. 祂是道路,真理和生命。

For me, it is the most beautiful gift of knowing HIM in my life. 認識祂是你我一生最美的祝福。

And so I would like to share with you. 所以我特別想要和你分享。

Wish you a very blessed and joyful Easter! 祝大家有個充滿恩寵與喜樂的復活節!

Hsu Laoshi 許老師

Sharing a video about China

Dear all,
Here are two informative videos we have watched in Mandarin class. There is a lot of information about the big topic we are learning-What is China 中國知多少. Through these two videos, you will know more about the country and culture from many aspects such as history, population, language, food, economy, social problems, core concepts, …etc. I would say that some data or facts need to be updated, but most of the viewpoints are true. You could re-watch as a helpful reference- what I know about China 我對中國的認識 / 我对中国的认识。Hopefully they will be helpful when you guys prepare for your project.
When you watch the 1st video, and you feel that it’s too fast, you can make the speed slower if you open with the video by VLC media player. You can simply follow the instructions (to click playback/ speed/ slower) showed as the attached images.


Please click the link below when you are ready.








Chinese happy song-小蘋果 Little Apple

Dear all,


This is a very popular and happy song in Chinese. and we are going to learn it in class soon.

Thank you all students who participate in Chinese culture club this year. They are working so hard to prepare a special performance for the Chinese New Year Celebration on Friday, Feb. 16. We are listening to the song and practice together last week. However, some members were absent due to basketball games. Therefore, I would like to upload the music of song and the lyric for your preview and review during the long weekend!One has Pinyin under the simplified characters, the other is in traditional font.

Please clip the following videos to watch and practice singing. Hope you will enjoy the pop music.

2018 小蘋果舞獅走步 Little Apple choreography






Video of the story-孟母三遷, Meng4 mu3 san1 qian1

Dear all,

This is a very famous Chinese historical story. The whole class watched the video together in the beginning of the topic instructions. The teacher replay it and you rewatch it after finishing learning the whole story and after completing various practice.  You are encouraged to watch it at home and think of any ideas about the role play and skit performance you are going to work together with your group members for the next couple weeks.  Hope you will enjoy it.

Angela Hsu

750157916                 孟母



聖誕節 & 耶穌聖嬰的由來- Video about the story of Christmas

Dear students,

I hope that you will enjoy watching and re-watching the Chinese video regarding the story of the holy baby and the origin of Christmas during this coming break.

Please try to pay more attention to the narration and the dialogue in the video. After watching, then please try to answer as much as you can the following questions in Mandarin. Hope you enjoy it.

1.聖誕節由來 中文發音和字幕 video

  1. 聖誕節是幾月幾號/ Sheng4 dan4 jie2 shi4 ji3 yue4 ji3 hao4/ What date is Christmas?

  2. 是誰來告訴這位女孩她將生一個兒子/ Shi4 shei2 lai2 gao4 su4 zhe4 wei4 nv3 hai2 ta1 jiang1 sheng1 yi2 ge er2 zi/ Who came and told the young lady that she is going to have a son ?

  3. 女孩叫什麼名字/ Nv3 hai2 jiao4 shen2 me ming2 zi4/ What is her name?

  4. 聖嬰叫什麼名字/ Sheng4 ying1 jiao4 shen2 me ming2 zi4/ What is the holy baby called?

  5. 最後聖嬰是在什麼地方出生的/ Zui4 hou4 sheng4 ying1 shi4 zai4 shen2 me di4 fang1 chu1 sheng1 de/ Where was the holy baby bron?

  6. 有哪些人來朝拜這位新生王/ You3 na3 xie1 ren2 lai2 chao2 bai4 zhe4 wei4 xin1 sheng1 wang2/ Who came to adore and worship the new born king?

  7. 東方三博士給新生王送來了什麼珍貴的禮物/ Dong1 fang1 san1 bo2 shi4 gei3 xin1 sheng1 wang2 song4 lai2 le shen2 me zhen1 gui4 de li3 wu4/ What precious gifts did those three wise men brought for the Savior?


聖誕快樂!Merry Christmas!!

Hsu Laoshi


Gr.5 What color of your kitchware & tableware?

Dear all,

We are learning about the kitchen items. Also, we have been also learning colors and position words as well. How do you describe your kitchenware and tableware?

What color are they? 你家的廚房用具和餐具什麼顏色? nǐ de chú fáng yòng jù hé cān jù shén me yán sè?

Let’s watch the video below to review those colors. You are encouraged to read loud together with the Laoshi in the video for more practice.

Hope you enjoy it.

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.6-L4 賣火柴的小女孩 the match girl

Dear students,

We have finished learning Lesson four in the textbook, and the content is related with this fairy tale, the match girl, 【Mài huǒ chái de xiǎo nǚ hái】 who is selling matches on the snowy day of the New Year Eve. You have watched the video in class and tried to answer those questions as much as possible you could.

Please re-watch the video, and then you can answer the bonus questions. You have to especially focus on the interaction between the poor girl and her grandma. After that, you can write down any three sentences that the girl said to her grandma.

Have a blessing Lord Day!

Hsu Laoshi

Qiǎo-hǔ learning Chinese Videos #13-15

My dear students,

There are the 3 short videos #13-15 enclosed below. I believe most of you have the form for noting all the characters you are going to learn from each video except you were absent on Monday or Tuesday. The form has been attached here.

For video #15, it’s special and different from the previous videos. Qiǎo-hǔ would like to invite you to learn a Chinese poem. Please write down the beautiful poem and the title. There will be a 4 line poem, you have to write it down and add Pinyin to each character. We are going to discuss it when school reopens after the spring break.

Wish you all a very relaxing and joyful break. May God bless you save, happy and healthy.

Here is the form-

Qiaohu learning Chinese Video #13-15

Hsu Laoshi

巧虎學漢字 # 10-12, Qiǎo-hǔ learning Chinese videos

Dear students,

Please watch these three short videos and write down all the characters introduced in each video on the worksheet.

Any students who were absent and missed Mandarin class, you then can print out the attached form below. (kind reminder: color Qiao-hu)

Enjoy your 4 days 🙂

Hsu Laoshi

Qiaohu learning Chinese Video #10-12



巧虎Qiǎo-hǔ 學漢字 video #7-9

Dear students,

There will be No school on Friday. and so I hope you can learn some Chinese characters and listen to three very short and interesting stories through three videos. Each of them takes you only 2 or 3 minutes. Hope you will enjoy watching the videos.

You all have received the form which it will be needed to filled in the information. We are going to discuss the content of the videos together in class later. Whoever you missed Mandarin class today, you can download the form enclosed.

Qiaohu learning Chinese Video #7-9

Have a nice weekend!

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.4-7 learning Chinese with Qiao-hu video #4-6

Dear students,

You have watched three short videos #1-3, and you have learned 20 characters already through different stories told by Qiao-hu.

There are three other videos #4-6 attached, each of them are only 2 or 3 minutes, however, they are very informative and interesting.

Please let me know how many characters you have learned from each video. We are going to discuss them later when the school reopens on Jan. 5.

I know some of you left Vancouver for family vacation before Dec. 19, therefore, these students missed some school days and didn’t receive the worksheet. Here are the form enclosed for whoever you need to print out.

Best Wishes for you and your whole family!

Hsu Laoshi

Qiaohu learning Chinese Video #4-6

Gr.4-7 Qiǎo hǔ Chinese learning videos #1-3 巧虎學漢字/学汉字

Dear students,

The well-known character of cartoons named Qiao-hu 巧虎,Qiǎo hǔ, is learning Mandarin Chinese, too.

Let’s learn with Qiao-hu through watching these fun and interesting videos of the stories of CH. characters.

I am going to upload three short videos (#1-3) for the first time . Each of them lasts only around 2 or 3 minutes, However, they will be very impressive and helpful for you to learn and memorize these very basic and important characters. You are going to see those characters quite often in our textbook and learning materials. Some or Most of them you have learned in #1-3

in the first video- #1, there will be six Chinese characters introduced. Please take notes on a piece of cue card or a line paper and practice writing twice. Also, you are supposed to bring them back to school on Friday.

in the second video- #2, you are going to learn nine characters. However, 3 of them already have been mentioned in video #1. It means that some words will be repeated in the following videos in order to meet the need of fun stories created in different videos. Please write them down on the cue card as well.

In the third video- #3, there will other five CH. characters will be introduced. Do you know what are they?

We are going to discuss them in class on Friday. Hopefully you will enjoy watching them on Thursday, the teacher parents interview day and some other weekends when you are available.

Hsu Laoshi


word_document_logo Qiaohu learning Chinese Video #1-3