Update “Adobe Flash Player” to watch video

Dear students and parents,

Some students said to me that they can only hear the music, but not the video I uploaded on the Mandarin website. Some even said when they click the video, there is NO response.

Please try to see if you have the software of “Adobe Flash Player” in your computer. Mostly the problem is because it’s time to update. Below is the link to the Adobe official website to get the free download. I hope this will help.

website of linkhttp://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

All the best,

Hsu Laoshi


Gr. 6-7 More Practice on Quizlet of Basic Vaca. Part II (NO Pinyin)

Dear students,

Below is another version of practice I have set. It’s Basic vocabulary Part II on Quizlet, but there is NO Pinyin showed. Please try to read each Chinese characters. It means now there are two sets. You can do more exercise at home. Here is website address.

website of linkhttp://quizlet.com/_vy5xp

ps. Please let me know if this is easier or harder for you. There is funny reading in previous set because the computer can’t decode tone marks of Pinyin. However, it will be helpful for some students in the beginning with Pinyin beside or under the Chinese characters.

Anyway, you are highly expected to do exercise as many as possible. Practice makes Perfect : )

Hsu Laoshi

Gr. 6-7 click the link to review Basic Vocabulary-part II

Dear Gr.6s & Gr. 7s,

Please make sure to visit the set on Quizlet and to try your best to review flashcards and do all exercises at home. I hope they will help you to study and review all the important terms and  to get ready for the Chinese test of the topic which includes part I & II. Below is the link of the website for part II.

website of link http://quizlet.com/_vuv4g

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.4-7 Click the link of “Quizlet” to review Basic Vacobulary-part I

Dear students,

I have created the set of Basic Vocabularies-part I on the website of Quizlet and now I share it to you. You have to review those flashcards first. Next, you can do some practice called learn of choosing the right characters or type the right Pinyin. Also, you have to try to listen to terms and comprehend the meaning in speller. There is a matching game called scatter. You need to moving the pictures to the CH. words or Pinyin. Besides, There is another helpful option called test. You can do it as a pretest before the scheduled test day. There will be “learning record” showed beside while practicing.You are all highly expected and supposed to go to the link to practice as much as you can.

Please don’t forget to turn on the speaker and to listen to their pronunciation. The purpose of all the exercises is to help you to study and review all the key words and terms at home in order to get ready for the Chinese test in a few days.

I have made a demo in each class. Please come and let me know if you have any problems to do those exercise. Below is the link. You can make a copy and paste it onto the place of website address

website of link http://quizlet.com/_vt1c1

Hsu Laoshi