Mandarin monthly plan in April

Dear all,
I hope that you all have a joyful and relaxing spring break. After the break, The students continue and have completed the topic of Aladdin which integrated with our musical production in the rest month of March.
After that, in order to train the students to have more opportunities to practice and speak in Mandarin and to improve their oral ability, we are now focusing on preparing for an oral presentation regarding the students’ spring break. Each of them is working on the content of their speech. In the meantime, they are going to either showing two photos which were taken during any outings, travelings and vacations; or drawing two pictures related with their spring break.They will be projected onto the white board when the students give their presentation.
In class, they have been given samples of sentences, instructions to follow step by step. Also, other than Google translate, they are taught how to look up words through online dictionaries such as yabla ( , MDBG ( The students can easily type English or Pinyin sound (without tones) and to search for Chinese characters. The students maybe need some time after class to look up some Chinese characters specifically for their lines. Please support them to learn independently and responsibly. Their 5 sentences (drafts) should be checked and proved first by the teacher before receiving a good copy.
The class will be given more practice time and rehearsal before the formal presentation. The criteria and information sheets will be handed out soon. Everyone needs to listen carefully to check the right answers and to take brief notes while listening to others’ speech. This will be another important training of listening comprehension for the students. Also, the information sheets will be marked as well.
I am looking forward to hearing and witnessing my students’ progress after making lots of effort.
Have a nice weekend! 週末快樂!
Hsu Laoshi


Mandarin monthly plan in Febrary 二月份教學計劃

Chinese new year. Set of design elements

Dear all,

The Year of Dog is just around the corner. Wish you and your family a very blessed and prosperous year.

As a tradition at the whole SFX School community, we are going to celebrate together with great joy since Chinese New Year is the most important cultural holiday among all the traditional festivals. There will be a big celebration in the school gym on Friday, Feb. 16. You and your child are very welcome to wear traditional costume or any outfit in red, presenting the joy and passion of the event on that day. Hope to see you there.

As for the learning points in this month, below is the monthly plan for Mandarin class.

  1. Learn three Chinese songs

  2. Complete a project for the Year of Dog

  3. Group work on reciting & singing a song

  4. Review & test for the topic of Chinese New Year



Hsu Laoshi



Mandarin Monthly Plan in January, 2018

Dear all,

Welcome back to the school.

There will be lots of interesting and cultural lessons we are going to learn and experience in January and February because Chinese New Year will be on February 16.

The students from Gr.4 to Gr.7 have been taking the Chinese Calligraphy lessons in Room 301 for a week. It’s an annual cultural lesson. All students are excited to experience as well as some teachers. I sincerely thank our generous and wonderful parents to help setup and cleanup the classroom. Those who give a helping hand to assist in the class are also greatly appreciated. In addition, all parents are very welcome to visit our Mandarin bulletins on 3F next week. You are going to see some students’ great work.


IMG_20180107_190728  IMG_20180111_120809

Below is the monthly plan for Mandarin class.

1. Annual Calligraphy practice in Room 301

2. Lucky message for New Year and Year of Dog, 2018

3. Make a lucky lantern for New Year

4. Review New Year Culture and tradition

Wish you all a very happy New Year!

Hsu Laoshi


Mandarin Learning Plan in December

Dear all,

As the coming of December, everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new born Jesus and the greatest guest in our life. In Mandarin class, we have already started a new topic for this month. Below is the monthly learning plan.

  1. The students are going to learn the story about the Savior’s birth and the story of the new born King. Every student has received a 8-page picture book. They are going to draw and make a cover page for their picture book.

1254844-bigthumbnail    Gifts for the Newborn King72

2. They are going to watch related some Chinese and English videos

about the story of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and three Wise men.

3. Every four students will work together as a group to practice, recite

and retell the story.

4.In addition,there will be a paper art work related with Christmas

brought into the class. The students are going to receive origami

paper and make a creative Christmas tree as well as to fold Santa

Claus. Hope that they will enjoy it while preparing for the coming of



Hsu Laoshi

Monthly plan in November

Dear all,

We have started learning another new topic in November. It is “Show & Tell in Mandarin”. The big idea is to integrate some Chinese words we have learned so far and to demonstrate the progress of your oral ability in Mandarin.

All students have received the first page of their learning Schedule & HW. Checklist regarding this topic. You are expected to follow instructions and the learning plan in order to step by step complete your speech of Show & Tell and to get ready for an oral presentation. Below is the learning plan for this month.

1. understand the Basic Format

2. be aware of main Structure (a or b) and practice the title of “新水瓶my new water bottle”, “新球鞋my new runner or 新皮鞋my new black shoes”.

3. study a sample as a reference which maybe related to your life experience.

Gr. 4:我的新手機 My new cell phone

Gr.5:我的新墨鏡 My new sunglasses

Gr.6:我的新背包 My new backpack

Gr.7:我的新衣服 My new clothing

4. follow the format and start working on a draft of your plan for your show & Tell.

5. prepare for the content of your speech (from 1 to 8 + a greeting in the beginning and conclusion at the end)

6. a mini project (one-page draft paper first before receiving a good copy).

7. rehearsal with group members and formal presentation in front of the class

8. fill in message you hear and complete the information sheets while listening to other students’ presentations.


Dear parents/guardians,

It will be very helpful to keep track of your child’s learning for this topic and check if he/she follows the schedule and gets his/her work done on time. As you have known, reading practice is also initially important to improve their pronunciation and oral skill for learning Mandarin. Subsequently, I need your cooperation and support being your child’s audience when sometimes he/she needs to practice at home as their oral homework.

In addition, while preparing for the content of their oral presentation, they might need to use a computer and look up some words or phrases through online dictionaries. Thanks for your attention and continuous support.

God bless,

Hsu Laoshi

Monthly Plan for October

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all your great support to the Round Party last week. It was the first party for most of the classes, and it was very joyful and exciting cultural celebration during Mandarin time. There will be some fantastic pictures posted on the Mandarin bulletins.

As you might also have celebrated the Moon Festival, in October, we are going to learn more about the tradition and customs mainly through-

  1. description of various celebrating activities.

  2. interactive class activities such as group discussion, partners

    interview, and presentation.

  3. a mini project of the topic

  4. stories/legends about the moon (with audio and video assistance); main characters in those stories.

            Gr. 4- CH. great archer, 后羿射日

            Gr. 5- the Moon Lady, 嫦娥奔月

            Gr. 6- Jade Rabbit, 玉兔搗藥

            Gr. 7- Origin of moon cakes, 月餅由來

       5. poems regarding the moon

           Gr. 4- Quiet night thoughts靜夜思

           Gr. 5- Drink alone under the moon月下獨酌

           Gr. 6- Think of you as enjoy the moon望月懷遠

           Gr. 7- Hope you are there截選水調歌頭(短式)

       6. assessment-unit written test

Monthly plan in September

Dear all,

There are only three weeks of Mandarin class after the new school year starts in September. The learning plan has been focusing on the following points. warm up and to help students get ready for learning and speaking Mandarin. know their classmates in the new class through self introduction and other class activities in Mandarin Chinese.

3. to learn class rules in both English and Chinese especially some common and useful key words & phrases.

4. to assess students regarding their learning outcome of the main topic.

Hsu Laoshi

January Newsletter

Dear all,

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy relaxing break.

When the school reopens, we are then going to move forward to the next mile stone in 2017.

There will be some Chinese cultural lessons since Chinese New Year is coming soon at the end of January. Please find attached, the newsletter for Intermediate Mandarin Program.



Hsu Laoshi