Two Chinese Songs for Grad Dinner

Dear all,

I can’t believe that it has been the last month of the school year. And the Gr.7 students are going to graduate after a couple of weeks.

These will be the two Chinese songs they are going to sing at the Grad dinner which have learned and practiced together during Mandarin time. I am looking forward to enjoying your fantastic performances on the stage.

1. 愛我們的家-Love our Home

2. 幸福的臉-Happy Face

Please listen to the music, follow the melody and practice singing two songs as much as you can. There will be a singing assessment next week. Each group will be 4 people (2 girls and 2 boys).

love-house-drawing_csp1343324               smile-clipart-happy-child-19


Hsu Laoshi



Selling special cold drinks on the playground at Bazaar

Dear all,

There will be 4 kinds of cold drinks selling from 9am to 3 pm at Bazaar on Saturday, May 25.

The location will be on the playground. It will be the first booth on your left hand side when you get on to the playground. You are very welcome to come and support the biggest fundraising event for the parish.

Below are the sign you are going to see and 4 options of the drinks. Hope to see you there : )

Hsu Laoshi

20190523182334761_0006 20190523182334761_0007

20190523182334761_0008  20190523182334761_0005

20190523182334761_0001 20190523182334761_0002 20190523182334761_0003 20190523182334761_0004


Sharing a video about China

Dear all,
Here are two informative videos we have watched in Mandarin class. There is a lot of information about the big topic we are learning-What is China 中國知多少. Through these two videos, you will know more about the country and culture from many aspects such as history, population, language, food, economy, social problems, core concepts, …etc. I would say that some data or facts need to be updated, but most of the viewpoints are true. You could re-watch as a helpful reference- what I know about China 我對中國的認識 / 我对中国的认识。Hopefully they will be helpful when you guys prepare for your project.
When you watch the 1st video, and you feel that it’s too fast, you can make the speed slower if you open with the video by VLC media player. You can simply follow the instructions (to click playback/ speed/ slower) showed as the attached images.


Please click the link below when you are ready.








What is China-2 ( Topic project)

Dear all,
You all have made a plan with your partner about the topic after discussing and deciding for the project of China. The project will be due on next Monday. This time you are allowed to choose your partner. 2 people work together as a group. Some groups have shown me the facts, introduction and pictures and got my advice and critique about what they have researched for the topic since yesterday and today. Well done! Here are some reminders.
Be responsible to get done the part you are in charge by the due date.(Share equal duty and workload based on your discussion)
-Choose the font #18 if you want to type the text.
-Printed out pictures in appropriate size to meet the space and plan you did. Colorful pictures are preferred (public libraries offer the service of colorful printing if necessary)
-All labels of images should be in Chinese and Pinyin.
-The title of the topic should be in Chinese and English.
Oral presentations will take turns on next week.
I am looking forward to seeing your learning and working outcome.
Hsu Laoshi





What is China-1

Dear all,

Hope you all have enjoyed the two-week relaxing and pleasant spring break as well as the beautiful weather.

oznor    smacap_Bright

In Mandarin class, we are learning the topic about China including the location of China, Chinese food, Great Wall of China, … etc.

Below are the power point and some videos for you to review. There will be more lessons after the spring break. They will include brief history, customs and cultural difference between eastern and western people. In addition, you are going to work with your partner for a project that you are interested and to share with the class.

Great wall of China 萬里長城

Chinese Famous Food 中國美食

Hsu Laoshi

Gr.4-7 Chinese songs for singing performances

Dear all,

I believe that each family has received the pink invitation letter that your child/ren had brought home. Here are the 4 songs that each grade is going to sing for the Chinese New Year celebration on Feb. 5.

Please mark your calendar and join us on that day, Tuesday Feb.5  for the joyful event.

Below are the song that each grade is going to present as well as the Gongxi song for the Finale at the end of the event. Each student is highly expected to memorize and perform along with some simple action. Please listen to the music and practice as much as you can. Thank you!

Hsu Laoshi





Finale-Gongxi song

New Year artcraft-Peace Lantern

Dear all,

I have already mentioned in class and posted the news in a previous post regarding the artcraft we are planning to do is a peace lantern 【平安燈籠】。Also, I have showed you two samples that I have made in order to help you to see the final art you can work and accomplished.

Some classes have received the templates, and tomorrow we are going to start working on it. Unfortunately, there will be quite a few of the students absent due to the ski trip. Therefore, I post the handout with detailed instructions, pictures, reminders, and criteria of the art-craft here on the website. Hopefully, this will be able to help those students to make up after returning back from the trip.


Please exactly follow the steps, and try your best to do it. Look forward to seeing your beautiful peace lantern soon.

Best wishes,

Hsu Laoshi


To Chinese Culture Club (CCC) members

Dear all,
Thanks for your interest and commitment to the CCC meetings and practices. We are focusing on the biggest cultural event in Term Two.
Before Chinese New Year celebration on Feb.5, there will be some intensive practices.
Each member should have the dates on the consent form. Below are the reminders that you have to attend the following meetings and practices based on the dates scheduled in the beginning of November, so you can  work with others and achieve different tasks during each meeting time. With your constant attendance, then you will feel confident to perform and enjoy the celebration. Thanks for you and your parents’ attention!
1. Fri. Jan 25
2. Mon Jan 28
3. Wed Jan 30
In addition, please listen to the 1st music of the song, 小蘋果 Xiao Ping Guo, and practice singing along. And the 2nd music is especially for the dance crew (8-10 girls) to perform a lantern dance. Let’s work hard and look forwarding to having an exciting and memorable presentation on that day.
Hsu Laoshi



February newsletter for Mandarin class

Dear all,

There will be a lot of interesting class activities in this month.

First of all, after reviewing and learning New Year greetings and lucky message for Year of the Pig, we are doing the cultural practice of Chinese Calligraphy in this week. This is an annual workshop for students from Gr.4 to Gr.7. Thank you so much for all parent-volunteers’ help to setup and decorate a special/unique classroom, we are all enjoying the nicer and bigger space in the multipurpose room. I am so glad to see that many of the students improved your writing. Later, you are going to see those beautiful writing products which will be posted either on the bulletin or in the gym for the big event-Chinese New Year celebration.

cof    rhdr

cof    cof

Next week, we are going learn a Chinese song with choreography along for the singing performance at the CNY celebration in the gym. Each grade is going to present a different song.

Gr.4- 財神到       Gr.5- 鳳陽花鼓

Gr.6- 讚美的孩子最喜樂        Gr.7- 耶穌愛你,耶穌愛我

After that, we are planning to make a peace lantern. Please see the picture below as your reference. The teacher will provide two pieces of template, a red line and red small lantern. Each one of you need to prepare a pair of scissors, a bottle of white glue, thin markers, a black fine-liner for the New Year art crafts.  I am looking forwarding to work with you all.

Hsu Laoshi

oznor     dav


Happy New Year 新年快樂/乐

Hi everyone,

Happy-New-Year-2018        IMG-20181WA0010

Hope you had a relaxing break and a wonderful time with your family and friends.

May 2019 bring you more joy and peace!







Hsu Laoshi 許老師/许老师

Merry Christmas 聖誕快樂/圣诞快乐



20181225_145753     20181225_145937

Dear all,

Wish each one of you and your family a very joyful Christmas and a blessed and happy New Year!

Below is the true meaning of “Christmas”. Let’s celebrate Christ’s coming with hope, joy and thanksgiving while sharing the good news with others.

Hsu Laoshi


Oral Presentation will start on Thursday, Nov.15

Dear all,

I hope that you all have a nice long weekend.

As I have mentioned in last post. The students are working on their oral presentation of the Nine Style Box, and parents are very welcome to enter the classroom to be their honorable audiences. The presentation will start on Thursday, Nov 15. It will take three or four days to complete everyone’s presentation of each class based on the oral speed and Q&A sections. As for the order of the students’ presentation, it will follow the no. (#1-28) showed on each class list.

All parents who are interested in joining us, please check the class # with your child, and ask them how many students have completed each day for update. In addition, please spread the message and share it with any parents who haven’t subscribe the Mandarin website of SFX School. You are all welcome to show your support and to celebrate with them about their progress and success. Your presence must mean a lot to the children.

Below is the timetable of Intermediate Mandarin from Gr.4-7. Please wait quietly outside the classroom by the time of the schedule. Thank you!

Mandarin Timetable Ms. Hsu.

Warm regards,

Hsu Laoshi

Parents are invited to join us : )

Dear all,

In October, after learning the traditional food for Thanksgiving, we have been focusing on the integrated learning topic: Chinese Nine Style Box 九宫格which is good for students to learn and create their own project through integrating their background knowledge about their theme and applying all they have learned previously about the theme to their unique project.

After step by step’s instructions through giving examples of Nine Style Box and making some practice in and out of the Chinese classes, the students have made their own NSB with various themes on their draft paper first, and up to last week, they were all supposed to complete their beautiful and creative good copy. This week, we are working on How to make a Mandarin oral presentation. Now, it is almost the time for them to present their proud outcome to the class and the parents. Any parents who are interested in coming and listening to their speaking in Mandarin and to introduce their projects, please check with your kids about the updated schedule.

I am very glad to see each student’s steady progress in not only writing skill, but also their oral skill as well. All the students have been worked so hard to complete their NSB, and to prepare for their presentation. However, based on the different weekly schedule of Mandarin class, each grade has different schedule for oral presentation due to missing classes because of holidays, workshops and Pro-D days, etc. I will post any updated schedule for each grade or class in the next post. Thanks for your interest and your attention. Hope to welcome you next week or later.

Keep warm and enjoy your long weekend!

Mandarin teacher, Hsu Laoshi



Chinese Culture Club is open for signing up

Dear all,

It is very exciting to start the Chinese Culture Club (CCC) from this month for the school year, 2018-19.  Ms. Cheung (Zhang Laoshi) & I (Hsu Laoshi) have made an announcement this morning during Monday assembly.  We are going to prepare some performances for the Chinese New Year Celebration on Feb. 5th, so there will be more intensive trainings/practices before the event in January. Please see the attachment for details.

2018-19 Chinese Culture Club- Consent Form

All students who are interested in joining the club, please check the meeting dates and discuss with your parents/guardians to get permission and support first. You are then welcome to ask for the CCC consent form in Mandarin class tomorrow or on Wednesday. The sign up slip must be returned to the teachers by Nov. 21. Thank you for your interest and attention.

God bless,

Ms. Hsu (Hsu Laoshi)


Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩節快樂!

Dear all,

Wish you all a very lovely Thanksgiving!

Let’s thank God for his abundant blessings including love, peace, health, and joy.

感謝天主在過去一年的保守看顧/ 感谢天主在过去一年的保守看顾,

讓我們享受祂恩賜的平安健康和喜樂/ 让我们享受祂恩赐的平安健康和喜乐!


Hsu Laoshi

Monthly Learning Plan in September

Dear all,

After the new school year starts in September. The learning plan has been focusing on the following points.

1. to know their classmates in the new class through self introduction and other class activities in Mandarin Chinese.

2. to learn class rules in both English and Chinese especially some common and useful key words & phrases.

3. to review and learn relevant stories/legends of the moon (with audio and video assistance); to learn main characters in these stories

4. to appreciate and celebrate the cultural holiday- Round Party on Moon Festival.

5. to understand the meaning of one Chinese poem related with the Moon; to recite and sing the poem.

Hsu Laoshi

1537739550400   4456187_154244073748_2


中文課 Mandarin Class has started

Dear all,

It was very nice to see you again. Welcome you to join us to learn more Chinese language and culture in this school year.

Hsu Laoshi, Mandarin Chinese teacher





很高兴再见到大家。 欢迎你加入心血年的学习行列,一起来学更多有关中国的语言和文化。

许老师 (中文老师 )








Mandarin song-Angel’s heart

Dear Gr.7s,

As you have learned the song “天使心” in class for your performance at the Grad dinner, you all highly expected to practice as much as possible. Each one of you have to memorize the song since NO one is allowed to bring any cue-cards or notes to the stage at that night.

I have asked a professional to help transposed the music into B-flat. It means that the music now is lower than the original. Hopefully every students could be able to sing. I am looking forward to hearing your beautiful singing performance.

Today, 7Ks have started to do the “recite” assessment, and all groups have already completed. 7Ms will do it tomorrow. Please remember to click the ppt file attached in the previous post. There are clear instructions in the ppt. In addition, the updated music has been posted, too.


Hsu Laoshi