Important Notice about Music Lessons Moved to Seesaw. All Grades.

Hello everyone.

I hope your all continuing to be safe and healthy. As we continue to involve and improve the remote learning environment, I hope all of you, parents and students are continuing to be patient and understanding. To alleviate some concerns by parents on being overwhelmed by the amount of notifications / emails, the school is now implementing a school-wide initiative to have all lessons including the music lessons to be posted on SEESAW.

This way it should make it easier for parents to find all of the assignments and it puts the responsibility back onto the students to be responsible for their own learning. It will also be easier for the teachers (including myself) to receive “homework” through SEESAW. With this in mind, the music lessons from this moment forward can be found in your child’s “regular” classroom Seesaw account under the music folder. The students can respond through Seesaw in whatever format seems appropriate.

This is not to say that I will no longer use the blog. Instead, I will use it to post “general / whole school” videos like the Praise and Worship ones and the odd Music Newsletter. Hopefully this will make it all easier for everyone. I am also planning a couple of Zoom Meetings as a way for students to voice any concerns or questions about any assignments. My plan is to use Zoom as more of a “drop – in” basis to touch base with me rather than to teach lessons and hand out assignments. More information about Zoom meetings like times and codes will be sent through SEESAW which I find to be very secure.

As stated above, all assignments / lessons will be on Seesaw starting this week. (I am currently in the process of learning the platform and how to use it to my advantage.) The lessons will continue to come in a variety of ways such as: handouts, videos, and possibly Powerpoint slides. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me through my SFX email account.

Many blessings. Pax Christi,
Mr. Edward Dela Luna – SFX Music Teacher.

K – 2 Lessons are HERE and a couple of other reminders for ALL GRADES -Apr. 16 – 22

Hello everyone,

Jesus is Risen!! Indeed He is risen!!! Again on behalf of the teachers, I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter and that all of you are staying safe and healthy. Onto some announcements:

1. To all Primary parents of K – 2, I have posted up some videos and downloads / lessons for you and your child to work on. If there are any problems with the site let me know.

2. Just a gentle reminder to everyone to please SUBSCRIBE to my website / web blog…whatever you want to call it… so that you can have email reminders when any new post is added.

3. As a favor for me, can you pass the message on to other parents in your prospective grade level who might not know that the Music Webpage is being constantly updated and is Mr. Dela Luna’s main COMMUNICATION / REMOTE  LEARNING TOOL at the present time. As well as, to SUBSCRIBE to the site to get email announcements of new posts. I would highly recommend this for all parents to do for the other specialists as well.

4. Intermediate lessons are still posted on their prospective grade levels. However, a parent has asked me to re – record the “recorder”  at possibly different angles so that the students can see the fingering that I am using. Please check the prospective Grade Section for your child. Note:  I have also added to the 3 – 5 Lesson section not only a “new” recording but a downloadable chart for those students who can’t find their recorder fingering chart or would like another one. 

Also note:  The K – 3 section is further broken up into 2 sections K – 1 and 2 separately.  That way any “general” lessons for all three grades will be in at the first level but more specific ones in each separate section. 

Thank you all for your time and patience. If anyone, has any other ideas or concerns for me to try to address feel free to email me through my SFX email address. Please remember to add in the subject line – [Parent of Student] in Grade [section] which helps me organize the emails as they come.

Pax Christi,
Mr. Edward Dela Luna

Easter Week April 14 – 17 Updates and Lessons

Hello everyone.  Jesus is Risen!! [Response: Indeed He is Risen!!]  Jesus is Risen!! [Response: Indeed He is Risen!!] 

On behalf of the teachers, I would like to express a Very Happy Easter to all of you!!  Even during this time of uncertainty and doubt, we should always remember that God is on our side.   I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.  Some Important updates for the week.

As part of the Easter celebrations, Mr. Dela Luna has posted a Praise and Worship video session.  I was able to record it in 2 videos on the sections for Video Lessons.    The music that I will be singing and praying to will be downloadable on the same section:  Video Lesson.  Now onto each individual sections.  Please check each “class” section on the above menus for your child’s lessons for the week.  Please Note:  The Primary Grades K – 2 will be posted soon.

If you’re child is unable to accomplish any of the lessons, do not stress over it.  Again this is a new form of learning so we can all work together and take it nice and slow.  I am hoping to put something up every 1.5 – 2 weeks.  Please check your emails and this site for any new changes. 

One last thing, as a way to stay positive let’s listen to this very upbeat and positive song…yup it’s from High School Musicial.  [Look at the title of the song, kinda appropriate to what’s going on.  Enjoy!]

Sing and Dance along to stay positive!

Until next time.  Enjoy and Stay Safe.  Pax Christi.  Mr. Edward Dela Luna – Music Teacher

Holy Week Praise and Worship Video Series

Hello everyone.  The above video will be telling you about this week’s lessons by having a Praise and Worship session online as part of Holy Week.  For those of you who don’t know Praise and Worship is a form of prayer done by most evangelical Christian denominations.  Since the archdiocese of Vancouver has asked for everyone to stay at home, and it is Holy Week, I decided to have a prayer session.  I would have normally done this at school, but you all know why.

The videos and lyrics to the songs can be found on my blog in the section entitled:  Video Lessons.  There are a total of 4 videos in the Praise and Worship with the above video as an Introduction.  Feel free to join in singing or listen quietly and pray along.  I hope all of you not only enjoy the songs, but most importantly join in the prayer. 

I am planning to have another Praise and Worship session as part of Easter.  I hope everyone continues to be safe and well.

Pax Christi,

Mr. Edward Dela Luna

Sections Still Under Construction

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to school. Just a quick update, as most of you can see, I have been adding new pages to the music blog. Most of it is still under construction. Some of you in K – 2 might notice that the page is password protected, while the upper grades are not. I am currently trying to decide whether or not to encrypt the pages. As soon as I have any relevant information I will post right away.

Gentle reminder to please read the posts below for all relevant info concerning the COVID 19 Music plans.
Be safe and well.
Pax Christi
Mr. Dela Luna – SFX Music Teacher


Hello everyone,

Welcome again to SFX. I hope your all safe and healthy. As a way to welcome you all and to start this term in a positive way, I have created my first YouTube video singing the SFX theme song as my first online lesson.  Please click on the link below to see and hear me sing.  I ask any students and parents to join in and sing in solidarity.

For those parents who don’t know the words, or if the students forgot, the words are inside each student’s planner. Be safe and God bless you all.

How to get in touch with Mr. Dela Luna

Hello everyone,

During this time, if anyone (parents or students) wish to contact me they can do so through my school email address:

In order to facilitate the ease of communication, please follow these simple rules.

In the Subject line please add the following information:
1. SFX Student Name or SFX Parent of Student Name
2. Grade / Class

This way it will help me ID the email.   Please note: I will respond to your email ASAP depending on the amount of respondents I am getting.
A gentle reminder to read the COVID 19 music plan post below.
I hope you are all well and healthy.
Pax Christi
Mr. Dela Luna

Interim Letter COVID 19 Music Plans

To all parents of the SFX School community and students in Music,

I hope this finds you all healthy and safe during this time of uncertainty. However, as I have said to many students, music has a way of healing and staying positive. Music lifts us up and looks to hope. Music is one of the things that connect us all.

St. Francis Xavier School will continue to teach the BC curriculum to the best of our ability online. As far as the Music Program, I will continue to focus on playing instruments and learning music theory. As with the rest of the teaching staff, I will be going through some uncharted waters to come up with a program that the students will find to be rewarding, challenging, and fun.

I am hoping to use some recorded video (either from Youtube or recording myself and then uploading it), downloadable music sheets (both for playing as well as understanding basic music theory), and maybe using Zoom or Google Classroom as a way to teach. How exactly will that look like, I am currently planning it out.

I know that the students DO NOT have a Music Textbook, however all students from Grades 3 – 7 should have their music duotang and their OWN Recorder. If your child has forgotten their recorder at school, a family member should be able to pick it up along with the rest of the student’s supplies that the homeroom teachers are putting together for pick up. If your child has lost their recorder, it’s up to the parent to pick up a new recorder from any music store. If you need a place to get a new recorder, Long and McQuade Music stores are an excellent choice. Please check out their website for any information about purchasing and receiving recorders during this time.

A more detailed music education plan will be sent out in the foreseeable future. For now, my prayers go to all of you. Stay safe and well.

Pax Christi,

Mr. Edward Dela Luna – SFX Music Teacher