Easter Week April 14 – 17 Updates and Lessons

Hello everyone.  Jesus is Risen!! [Response: Indeed He is Risen!!]  Jesus is Risen!! [Response: Indeed He is Risen!!] 

On behalf of the teachers, I would like to express a Very Happy Easter to all of you!!  Even during this time of uncertainty and doubt, we should always remember that God is on our side.   I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.  Some Important updates for the week.

As part of the Easter celebrations, Mr. Dela Luna has posted a Praise and Worship video session.  I was able to record it in 2 videos on the sections for Video Lessons.    The music that I will be singing and praying to will be downloadable on the same section:  Video Lesson.  Now onto each individual sections.  Please check each “class” section on the above menus for your child’s lessons for the week.  Please Note:  The Primary Grades K – 2 will be posted soon.

If you’re child is unable to accomplish any of the lessons, do not stress over it.  Again this is a new form of learning so we can all work together and take it nice and slow.  I am hoping to put something up every 1.5 – 2 weeks.  Please check your emails and this site for any new changes. 

One last thing, as a way to stay positive let’s listen to this very upbeat and positive song…yup it’s from High School Musicial.  [Look at the title of the song, kinda appropriate to what’s going on.  Enjoy!]

Sing and Dance along to stay positive!

Until next time.  Enjoy and Stay Safe.  Pax Christi.  Mr. Edward Dela Luna – Music Teacher