Important Notice about Music Lessons Moved to Seesaw. All Grades.

Hello everyone.

I hope your all continuing to be safe and healthy. As we continue to involve and improve the remote learning environment, I hope all of you, parents and students are continuing to be patient and understanding. To alleviate some concerns by parents on being overwhelmed by the amount of notifications / emails, the school is now implementing a school-wide initiative to have all lessons including the music lessons to be posted on SEESAW.

This way it should make it easier for parents to find all of the assignments and it puts the responsibility back onto the students to be responsible for their own learning. It will also be easier for the teachers (including myself) to receive “homework” through SEESAW. With this in mind, the music lessons from this moment forward can be found in your child’s “regular” classroom Seesaw account under the music folder. The students can respond through Seesaw in whatever format seems appropriate.

This is not to say that I will no longer use the blog. Instead, I will use it to post “general / whole school” videos like the Praise and Worship ones and the odd Music Newsletter. Hopefully this will make it all easier for everyone. I am also planning a couple of Zoom Meetings as a way for students to voice any concerns or questions about any assignments. My plan is to use Zoom as more of a “drop – in” basis to touch base with me rather than to teach lessons and hand out assignments. More information about Zoom meetings like times and codes will be sent through SEESAW which I find to be very secure.

As stated above, all assignments / lessons will be on Seesaw starting this week. (I am currently in the process of learning the platform and how to use it to my advantage.) The lessons will continue to come in a variety of ways such as: handouts, videos, and possibly Powerpoint slides. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me through my SFX email account.

Many blessings. Pax Christi,
Mr. Edward Dela Luna – SFX Music Teacher.