Interim Letter COVID 19 Music Plans

To all parents of the SFX School community and students in Music,

I hope this finds you all healthy and safe during this time of uncertainty. However, as I have said to many students, music has a way of healing and staying positive. Music lifts us up and looks to hope. Music is one of the things that connect us all.

St. Francis Xavier School will continue to teach the BC curriculum to the best of our ability online. As far as the Music Program, I will continue to focus on playing instruments and learning music theory. As with the rest of the teaching staff, I will be going through some uncharted waters to come up with a program that the students will find to be rewarding, challenging, and fun.

I am hoping to use some recorded video (either from Youtube or recording myself and then uploading it), downloadable music sheets (both for playing as well as understanding basic music theory), and maybe using Zoom or Google Classroom as a way to teach. How exactly will that look like, I am currently planning it out.

I know that the students DO NOT have a Music Textbook, however all students from Grades 3 – 7 should have their music duotang and their OWN Recorder. If your child has forgotten their recorder at school, a family member should be able to pick it up along with the rest of the student’s supplies that the homeroom teachers are putting together for pick up. If your child has lost their recorder, it’s up to the parent to pick up a new recorder from any music store. If you need a place to get a new recorder, Long and McQuade Music stores are an excellent choice. Please check out their website for any information about purchasing and receiving recorders during this time.

A more detailed music education plan will be sent out in the foreseeable future. For now, my prayers go to all of you. Stay safe and well.

Pax Christi,

Mr. Edward Dela Luna – SFX Music Teacher