K – 2 Lessons are HERE and a couple of other reminders for ALL GRADES -Apr. 16 – 22

Hello everyone,

Jesus is Risen!! Indeed He is risen!!! Again on behalf of the teachers, I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter and that all of you are staying safe and healthy. Onto some announcements:

1. To all Primary parents of K – 2, I have posted up some videos and downloads / lessons for you and your child to work on. If there are any problems with the site let me know.

2. Just a gentle reminder to everyone to please SUBSCRIBE to my website / web blog…whatever you want to call it… so that you can have email reminders when any new post is added.

3. As a favor for me, can you pass the message on to other parents in your prospective grade level who might not know that the Music Webpage is being constantly updated and is Mr. Dela Luna’s main COMMUNICATION / REMOTE  LEARNING TOOL at the present time. As well as, to SUBSCRIBE to the site to get email announcements of new posts. I would highly recommend this for all parents to do for the other specialists as well.

4. Intermediate lessons are still posted on their prospective grade levels. However, a parent has asked me to re – record the “recorder”  at possibly different angles so that the students can see the fingering that I am using. Please check the prospective Grade Section for your child. Note:  I have also added to the 3 – 5 Lesson section not only a “new” recording but a downloadable chart for those students who can’t find their recorder fingering chart or would like another one. 

Also note:  The K – 3 section is further broken up into 2 sections K – 1 and 2 separately.  That way any “general” lessons for all three grades will be in at the first level but more specific ones in each separate section. 

Thank you all for your time and patience. If anyone, has any other ideas or concerns for me to try to address feel free to email me through my SFX email address. Please remember to add in the subject line – [Parent of Student] in Grade [section] which helps me organize the emails as they come.

Pax Christi,
Mr. Edward Dela Luna