Fun and Free

I’m going to share 3 of many free resources that are available specifically for children during this time!

  1. Audible Stories — click here to access.

This is a wonderful resources for students of all ages but especially for younger students who are still learning to read. If you have any of the book on hand, you can have your child follow along as well.

2. DANCEPL3Y and YOGAPL3Y Virtual Classes – 3x daily! – Click here to access.

This is a company that has worked with SFX in the past by providing dance lessons for our students in K – Grade 7.

They stream live dance, yoga and fitness classes for you and your children to follow along with at 10 am, 3 pm and 7 pm each day. If you miss the live class, the video is available on their Facebook page after!

3. FitOn Fitness App – Click here to download the Android app and here for the Apple app.

This one is more so for the parents who are interested in fitting in a guided workout with or without their children. It’s completely free to build a workout program, browse recipes and you can even sync your Fitbits, Apple Watches, etc.

If you check the Browse area, there’s a category for workouts “With Kids” and “Beginners” if you’re looking for child friendly fitness. Most workouts don’t require equipment but there are some that do. In the case that you don’t have it, you can improvise with things around the house or do it without the weight!

I have been using this app for a week and it’s been great. On the app itself, I’ve invited family and friends to do workouts with me and we’ve done them together while Facetiming. It’s quite fun!

by Ms. G. Olaivar

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