Hello students and parents,

I hope the first week back to “school” went relatively well and that you all had a lovely Easter weekend. If it was a bit of a rocky start.. don’t worry, this is a new week!

Thank you to all the students who sent in their activity logs. I’m not able to reply to all emails but I’m happy to see that many of you have been finding ways to stay active! I hope more of you will be able to complete the activity this week.

If you’re still feeling a bit lost, feel free to go back to my “Welcome Back” post here that outlines the way I will be teaching during this time.

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This week, we will be learning about my favourite part of the day….. SLEEP!

Whether we love it or hate it, sleep affects many aspects of our lives like our energy level, focus and mood. You can check out some interested facts below:

As we can see, elementary school children should be getting 9 – 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep with a consistent sleep and wake up time.

I know some of you may be thinking this is impossible, especially those of you who spend the late hours with your screens! With consistency and an understanding of the benefits, you can easily create a routine which will turn into a habit.

Below are some changes you can make to improve your sleep routine and quality. They can also be found on the ParticipACTION website:

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on the weekends! 
  • Avoid caffeine, which can be found in coffee, soft drinks and chocolate 
  • Expose yourself to bright light in the morning as sunlight helps your biological clock reset itself each day 
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, comfortable and cool
  • Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow 
  • Exercise regularly during the day !!!
  • Develop a relaxing routine before bedtime—ideas include bathing, music and reading 
  • Don’t go to bed hungry, but don’t eat a heavy meal right before bed 
  • Don’t have pets in your bedroom
  • Keep cell phones, computers, TVs and video games out of the bedroom
Ability Toolkit


Goals for the week:

  • Create your dream bedtime routine and complete the assignment below.
  • Participate in any physical activity at moderate to vigorous intensity levels for approximately 30-45 minutes (or more!) every day. This doesn’t need to be logged this week but it is still important!

You may present your bedtime routine to me in one the following ways:

  • All grades: Make a video or voice recording answering the questions on your grade’s worksheet.

OR, you can complete one of the following sheets:

  • Kindergarten – Grade 1:
  • Grade 2 – 3:
  • Grade 4 – 5:
  • Grade 6 – 7:

When emailing this to me –

  • Please include all your children in one email
  • In the subject line of the email please put:
    • Week of April 14 – [child’s name and class]


Sweet dreams,

Ms. Olaivar

by Ms. G. Olaivar

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