Extracurricular Activities

There are many extracurricular activities available for students to participate during the school day or immediately after school. Our range of extracurricular activities and clubs (not all are listed) are as follows:

SFX Leadership Group

The purpose of the SFX Leadership Group is to promote leadership skills, responsibility, and school spirit within the school community. Any students who want to make a positive contribution are welcome in the Leadership group to participate in the planning and organization of school Spirit Days and Assemblies. The SFX Leadership Group has been instrumental in our local and global fundraising efforts, particularly the village well and schoolhouse in Tanzania, Africa.

Peer Helpers

In 2012, the school formed a special group of students called the Peer Helpers group. These students volunteer their time and recess breaks to assist with the younger children in the school to learn how to get along and play together in appropriate ways. These students receive conflict resolution training and give their time freely to assist the supervisors by being proactive in avoiding possible conflict.

Altar Servers

Intermediate students are given the opportunity to serve God and their school and parish community with their dedicated service as altar servers. Altar servers are trained to perform the various key roles that altar servers do during the Mass. Their vital service adds to the solemnity and meaning of the mass every Friday.

Green Club

Environmental awareness is the key goal of this group. Students are tasked with the responsibility of helping other students be aware of ways they can be more environmentally friendly. Whether it be collecting candy wrappers or leading the charge against plastic water bottles, these dedicated students do their best to care for our planet.

Spelling Bee

Every year, there is a CISVA sponsored Spelling Bee for students in Catholic schools throughout the Vancouver Archdiocese. Spelling Bee members meet weekly to practice spelling words and expand their vocabulary. Eventually, a school Spelling Bee is held to determine a school representative at the CISVA Spelling Bee.


Over the past several years, the St. Francis Xavier School choir has enjoyed not only singing but enjoyed much success as a choir as well. The choir has won gold medal certificates in previous years.

Chinese Cultural Club

The Chinese Cultural Club allows student to learn more about the culture and language. Each year the students participate in putting together the Chinese New Year performance for the whole school.

Running Club

The Running Club meets after school to go for a run once a week rain or shine.

Games Club

Also know as “G-squared”, this group meets after school to play a variety of board and card games. Not only do students enjoy some friendly competition, they learn valuable social skills like taking turns and following the rules.

No-Bake Bake Club

Students meet after school once a week to put together a recipe where no baking is required.