Parent Participation Program

St. Francis Xavier School has a mandatory Parent Participation Program administered by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) team. The program is divided into two sections, 1) Parking Patrol and Yard Supervision Duty, and 2) In-School Activities and Fundraising.

St. Francis Xavier School must ensure the safety of all students and therefore Parking Patrol and Yard Supervision is mandatory for all families. Each family is required to fulfill 3 days of Parking Patrol and Yard Supervision duties. Parking Patrol is a necessary service due to the location of the school and high volume of traffic on Great Northern Way. Parents are needed to assist the teachers in daily yard supervision because of the extensive area that the teachers have to cover.

The Parking Patrol and Yard Supervision duty days are separated into 4 shifts starting from 8:15 am and ending at 4 pm (3 pm on Wednesdays). You can fulfill PPP hours in between the shifts by helping out in the Library or assisting a teacher.

Grade 7 families select their Parking Patrol/Yard Supervision duty dates in June of the previous school year to cover September to early October. All other families will select their dates in September based on seniority of the oldest child in school. For any missed duties there will be a penalty fee charged to the family.

Please see more details on the Parking Patrol & Yard Supervision page and Parking Patrol Guidelines and Procedures for more details.

Each family is required to complete a minimum of 20 Parent Participation Program (PPP) hours assisting in the school, and 3 hours by participating in either the Walkathon (October) or the Bazaar and Singathon (May) fundraising events. PPP hours are calculated from July 1 to June 30 of the current school year. Parents can choose from a wide variety of different volunteer opportunities, including some that occurs outside of the school day. Areas where you can complete PPP hours include: teacher assistance; class field trips; library assistance; sports program; Sunday Breakfast; hot lunch; additional parking patrol and yard supervision assistance; and after school Chinese teacher assistance. All activities are scheduled on a first come first serve basis in the OnVolunteers portal. Parents can check their progress throughout the year in the portal.

We understand not all families are able to participate with the In-School Activities and Fundraising. An opt-out fee can be submitted for September 1 of the current school year for families choosing not to participate. All collected funds will be used for subsidizing school activities.

More details can be found in the Parent Participation Program Guidelines.

Our parents are active members in our school community. Parent volunteers help with different aspects throughout the school from morning drop off, yard supervision and fundraising.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is an important group comprised of Parent and Teacher Representatives and is chaired by a PEC member to facilitate the Parent Participation Program and fundraising in the school.

PTA members are selected in the summer and consist of PTA chairperson (PEC member), 1 parent representative from each class (Kindergarten to Grade 7), additional parent representatives appointed with specific duties within the PTA, School Principal and teacher representative.

The PTA sends a monthly newsletter to all parents as well as other school-wide announcements through the PTA mailing list.

Interested in joining the PTA for next year? Make sure you check the PTA box on the Parent Participation enrolment form!

For any participation/fundraising inquiries, please email or send us an email with this form.

PTA Chair: Monica C.
KC Class Rep: Francis M.
KD Class Rep: Giovanna L.
1B Class Rep: Becky L.
1D Class Rep: Karen D.
2B Class Rep: Cissy L.
2C Class Rep: Tina N.
3D Class Rep: Kitty C.
3N Class Rep: Cywa H.
4L Class Rep: Donna N.
4S Class Rep: I-Chant C.
5D Class Rep: Susan R.
5W Class Rep: Samantha W.
6B Class Rep: Gus M.
6G Class Rep: Lesley M.
7M Class Rep: Renee L.
7W Class Rep: Christine S.
OnVolunteers Admin: Michael S. & Victoria C.
Hot Lunch Lead: Irene W.
Library Coordinator: Teresa A.
Parking Patrol Coordinator: Calvin H.
Parking Supervisor Lead: Tim C.
Fundraising Coordinator: Judy M.
After School Chinese: Juliana W.
Sports Coordinator: tbd

Contact the PTA
Use this form to send an email to the PTA team regarding Parent Participation or fundraising.

PTA Newsletter

The PTA team sends a monthly newsletter to all parents to keep them informed and up-to-date with PPP activities, events and fundraising.

Catch up on any previously sent PTA Newsletters at this link