Principal’s Message

Welcome to another school year at St. Francis Xavier School! It is great to be back in such a loving and supportive community. This school works for a variety of reasons but relies on the efforts and commitments of our families to contribute in a variety of ways. I doubt highly that anyone who went through the last 3 years will ever forget the impact COVID-19 had on our lives and our traditions that had to be set aside until medical experts proclaimed the worse was over. 

We still need to take precautions, such as sanitizing hands (which frankly has always been a good idea), wearing masks and staggering when classes came in or out of the building. Last school year, most things had reverted to normal. Hopefully we can put all things COVID-19 related in the past while still retaining the lessons of the importance of following medical guidelines to keep all members of the community safe and healthy.

I am excited to be back to work and continue the fine tradition we have developed over the many years. This year we are focusing our energies as always with making our school a dynamic and fun place to work, learn, and grow.

It is your involvement as parents in our school that is an integral part of any success we have as a school. Whether it is scanning and shelving books in the Library, or accompanying classes on field trips, or supporting our various sports teams, you help to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely. The PTA and the job it takes on coordinating the Parent Participation Program (PPP) at our school is a integral part of why this community works so well.

I am always impressed with the dedication shown by parents towards the tasks that you take on. Your children do notice this dedication and I believe come to realize the importance you all place on providing your children with a good, strong Catholic education.

God bless you all as we start up a new school year!


Mr. Brian Fader, Principal
St. Francis Xavier School