Restart Plan and Safety Plan

Please see the attached documents for our school’s restart plan and safety plan as we prepare for the first day of school.

The Restart Plan for school is based on organizing school in such a way as to ensure little of no contact and interaction between students from different “Learning Circles”. Students will be arranged in Grade groups (i.e. both Kindergarten classes will form one Kindergarten Learning Circle) and will be scheduled to be dropped off at the same time, go for recess the same time, eat lunch and go to lunch recess together. The trick is to keep them apart from other groups as a control measure meant to reduce the chance that children will physically encounter someone outside of their ‘bubble’ thereby reducing contact and the spread of COVID-19.

The School Safety plan which outlines the precautions and protocols of life in a school during COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the School Restart plan, which details school plans to get ready to welcome students back to school is posted below.