Teacher and Student Dance Challenge

The “Teacher and Student Dance Challenge” was born when a few passionate dancers on SFX staff wanted to contribute a tiny video clip to our school Singathon. To their surprise, this dance took a life of its own as it “snowballed” into a medley of fun little TikTok-like videos when a couple of students saw the teachers practicing and wanted to join as well. They, in turn, brought their friends who also wanted to learn the steps 😀. Within a span of a few days nine children joined in total and learned the choreography within 1-2 days as the whole project had to be put together in only one week! This was a huge accomplishment on the part of the children who beamed with pride and joy as they performed with incredible enthusiasm during the recordings and showcased amazing stage presence and dance skills. We hope you enjoy it! 

Ms. Piekut
LAC Teacher